Public University Second Intake Or Private University, Which Is Better?

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Are you waiting for the second intake application from a public university or have you proceeded with your application to a private university (IPTS)? If you are feeling confused between these two options, don't worry. You are not the only one in this dilemma. A lot of students are experiencing this confusion, especially those who failed to get an offer in their desired course of study and those who were not offered to any public university at all.

Public vs Private University

Many students are not aware of the fact that there are some public universities (UA) that open a second intake every year.  This second intake is not an appeal application or the same application as UPU, but it is completely handled by the public university who opens the application.

So for those of you who are confused and cannot decide which is better between the two options, we are here to guide you with some important tips to help you compare effectively before making this once in a lifetime decision.

Course of Study

Not all courses of study are offered under the second intake by public university. Again, it depends on the university. If a course is not offered, there could be two reasons why. One of it is that maybe it is not too popular among students or maybe it is very popular that there are already too many students who are enrolled in the course.

However, if you are fixated on pursuing a course you desire, getting enrolled in a private university is the best option. This is because all courses of study are open for applications at private universities. So, in terms of a wider choice, private university is undeniably better than public university second intake.  To browse through a complete list of courses offered by top Universities & Colleges in Malaysia, click here


This aspect does not need to be explained further since we all know that the competition to secure a course at a public university will always be more intense than at a private university. Needless to say, students who had failed in their first application will most certainly re-apply for the second time in order to grab the limited seats offered. On the other hand, if you are opting for private university, you are guaranteed to be a successful applicant given that you meet the eligibility requirements set.

Educational Assistance

If you are applying for a scholarship, most of the conditions will state that the applicant must have been successfully offered a place to further their studies. Contrarily, if you apply for a public university second intake, majority scholarships are most likely to be already closed.  By choosing to go to a private university, you stand a higher chance at securing scholarships that are offered internally by the institution themselves. Regardless of the situation, you can always apply for an education loan or scholarship. To find out which private universities are currently offering scholarships, click here

Duration of study

In terms of study period, if you are a pre-university graduate (STPM, diploma, matriculation, etc) and you are applying for a public university second intake, you will be offered admission in February or March of the following year. Meanwhile, if you are applying to a private university, the commencement date is similar to those who are successfully offered to public universities under UPU, which is September of the same year. In sum, a second intake will cause a delay in the study period which is 1 semester. If you are looking to finish your studies without any delay, private universities are the best option to consider.

One of the biggest assumptions about applying to a private university is that private universities are expensive and the quality of education offered as well as graduates produced are of a lower quality. These are merely misconceptions as private university graduates are able to secure jobs easily compared to those who graduated from a public university.  

If you are interested in applying to a private university but unsure of which private university is best suited for the course you want to pursue, you can browse through a list of top private universities in Malaysia by CLICKING HERE.  Some of the best private institutions offering students with top notch educational programmes from a spectrum of fields include MMU, Medic ED, ADMAL, TAR UC, INTEC, KYUEM, MSU, Imperium International College, Limkokwing and IUKL.

You can also schedule a personalized 20 minutes FREE counselling with our expert counsellors by CLICKING HERE. Finally, we hope that this article will to some extent help you in making the right decision for your future. Whatever your decision is, do your best and we wish you good luck! You are also advised to read the related articles below as a guide.

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