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Fresh graduates often find it difficult to secure a job. Each year, over 200,000 graduates are produced from institutions of higher learning in Malaysia and the Statistics Department (DOSM) reports that 1 out of 5 graduates remains unemployed. Even those with outstanding academic credentials struggle to land a job as most companies are now looking for more than just academic results. They prefer graduates with a certain set of skills who can add value to their organisations and roles.

When it comes to higher institutions, no one knows this better than Management & Science University (MSU), one of the top universities in Malaysia with a high employability rate of 98.7%, based on a tracer survey done by the Minister of Higher Education (MOHE). The MSU curriculum is designed to give students an engaging learning experience that equips them with the knowledge and skill set to become ‘job creators rather than job seekers.’ MSU students are nurtured to be creative, innovative and ethical leaders.

As a global leader in education, MSU supports students’ personal and professional development by upholding the concept of 2E (employability and entrepreneurship) and 2G (giving and grateful). By fusing technical vocational education and training (TVET) with conventional academic curricula, MSU strengthens its graduates' competencies through industrial internships, community and creative entrepreneurship and international exposure, giving them the well-roundedness that employers value.

All their students are exposed to different cultures through studies and internships abroad, as MSU collaborates and partners with more than 150 institutions in over 40 countries worldwide. This collaboration ensures a wholesome learning experience, producing holistic and well-rounded graduates with academic knowledge and hands-on knowledge gained through industrial exposure. 

Equipping students with real-life skills

Companies today value other accomplishments in addition to qualifications. They seek graduates with a positive attitude, good communicators, an ability to work in a team and able to solve problems. Being aware of these, MSU prides itself in designing industry-relevant programmes that help its students prepare for the real world and mold them to become more people-centric.  

What distinguishes MSU from other universities is that it offers innovative programmes such as Graduate Employability Skills (GEmS) and Personal Enrichment Competencies (PEC) that help students develop mentorship networks and soft skills.

GEmS is an excellent avenue for #MSUrians to increase their job-marketability by developing the all-important soft skills employers require today. The PEC, meanwhile, is a compulsory subject as it provides students with a better chance of getting employed as it sharpens their soft skills. For example, it hones students’ critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, management, entrepreneurial and wellness management skills that are crucial in the corporate world. 

In addition, students are given guidance and support through MSU’s mentoring system, where a collaborative strategy is developed to help students in their learning journey. MSU’s industry-experienced lecturers act as students' mentors in teaching and carry the role of second parents to them outside the classroom.

At MSU, students gain the right set of skills and knowledge, mentality and invaluable experience to prepare them for their future. 

Keeping up-to-date with Industrial Standards 

MSU ensures its educational format aligns with current market relevance, bred in collaboration with University Industry Advisory Panel (UIAP). They guarantee relevancy by getting the industry's feedback, whereby information can be gathered and benefit both industries and universities to enrich the quality of MSU graduates further. For example, UIAP boasts a list of over 2000 active industries that constantly engage with the university to ensure the industry ecosystem is strengthened from time to time. 

There will also be talks provided by industry leaders on wide-ranging areas of interest such as social, economic, political, arts, health, security, internet of things, etc. By participating in these talks, students can broaden their perspectives and gain a foundational understanding of relevant industries to better prepare them for entering the workforce.

At MSU, students gain the right set of skills and knowledge, mentality and invaluable experience to prepare them for their future. 

Stand Out From The Competitive Crowd

Many of today’s jobs require new skills and competencies not covered in the traditional education curriculum. As it becomes more difficult to stand out among other job-seeking fresh graduates, an employability framework strategy must be incorporated to mold students into adaptable environmental professionals.

With over 2000 industries under its industry-embedded programmes initiatives, MSU provides its students with industry-embedded curricula, end-of-study practical training support, and collaborations with several cluster areas of cooperation relevant to the enhancement of these graduates' employability. Several corporations include:- 

    Those in Medical and Health Sciences clusters such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical associations and Hospitals (Pharmaniaga, MSU Medical Centre, Tung Shin Hospital, Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang, Hospital Sungai Buloh)

    Multinational manufacturing companies for the business, engineering and technology clusters such as Top Glove, Petronas, Toshiba, Canon, Sony, Philips etc.

    Banking & services firms such as PWC, Microsoft, Affin Bank, Maybank, CIMB Bank, Loreal, Kidzania etc

All these initiatives and collaborations keep students abreast with changes and development in the industry and ensures they are future-ready.

Not Just A Learner, But A Leader

Perhaps what distinguishes MSU as the top private entrepreneurial university in Malaysia is that entrepreneurship is made a compulsory subject for all faculties, regardless of how far they stray from business-related courses.

As The Most Entrepreneurial Private University in Malaysia, awarded by Malaysia's Ministry of Higher Education, MSU has established an entrepreneurship ecosystem through Leadership & Entrepreneurship Advancement Institute (LEAD), which aims to develop a holistic, entrepreneurial and balanced graduate. Through LEAD, the JUMPSTART programme was launched to act as a catalyst for the development of MSUpreneurs.

JUMPSTART is an entrepreneurship programme that assists and coaches MSUpreneurs across the Faculty in setting up and running a business under the MSU Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. This hands-on learning experience allows students to dip their toes to see what it's like to run a business and impart crucial life skills to increase their competitive advantage over other graduates. JUMPSTART members will also be guided in risk management and coached in coping with challenges in running a business.

MSU cares deeply about its students' future, as evidenced by the numerous initiatives and programmes designed for them. Being an MSU student will highly benefit you, and by the time you graduate, you will have the necessary set of knowledge and employable skills in your portfolio, giving you a slight advantage over other institutions' graduates. 

MSU graduates are equipped with all the necessary skills to excel in the job market.

You can click here to learn more about MSU’s diverse line of exciting programmes.

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