Private and public institutions that offer Forensic courses in Malaysia

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We have all seen forensic scientists in TV shows, and in the light of recent tragedies such as the MAS MH370 disappearance and MH17 shoot down, it appears that people who specialise in forensic study are always called for duty. From burglaries and murder to global disasters, there is always a forensic expert assigned to explain and solve a mystery.

If you are planning to have a career in forensic study, you must take your undergraduate studies as the beginning of a long learning process. Having a master's degree and a PhD is essential to becoming a world-class crime-fighting investigator.  In this feature, we show you some private and public institutions that offer courses under this field of study.


The computer science programme at Taylor's University is a 4-year course that puts emphasis on computer security and forensics. The degree programme provides students with the ability to design and create computer systems to curb malicious users from causing damage as well as detecting and investigating crimes committed on or via computers and networks. These skills are in demand as companies increasingly use the internet as a business tool giving graduates of this programme opportunity to work for a number of organisations, including police forces.

Forensic Science course at MSU University Shah Alam

Management & Science University (MSU) offers three forensics courses - a diploma in computer forensic and two degree programmes in Forensic Science and Forensic Computing. For its Forensic Science course, students are expected to gain knowledge and skills needed to investigate the crime case and also integrate scientific theory and practical training that will be required to work in a highly specialized forensic laboratory. Meanwhile those taking Forensic Computing will learn how to detect and investigate crime committed on or via computers and computer networks.

Forensic Computing & Accounting at APU University Malaysia

Asia Pacific University (APU) Malaysia offers two programmes. Its Forensic Accounting course was designed to combine accounting, auditing and investigating skills. Graduates of this programme can work in areas from bankruptcy and divorce cases to major fraud and capital crime cases. APU's Forensic Computing meanwhile aims to provide students the requisite skills and knowledge of legal aspects that will enable them to successfully prosecute computer abuse and criminal activity related to computer-based information systems.

Economic Crime Management at HELP University


The programme available atHELP University is a post-graduate programme. Its Masters in Economic Crime Management has been dubbed as the 'first programme of its kind in Asia'. The course takes on a modular approach hence students can take the programme any time of the year. The program combines the areas of management, technology and analytical skills with a knowledge and understanding of economic crime from a global perspective. It focuses on fraud and risk management strategies, current economic crime challenges, and on applying innovative technological and analytical solutions.


UiTM is home to one of the world's best laboratories for Forensic Science and Forensic Engineering. The university plans to expand its programme to include all fields of forensics from pathology to radiology, trace evidence, law, ballistics, and document analysis. Its lab facility is used for research on forensics, DNA filing and so forth. For its postgraduate programmes, UiTM sends some of its students to Germany to be further trained by forensic experts.

The Forensic Science programme at USM is the country's "first forensic science programme". Students are exposed to the latest knowledge and technologies in the field of Forensic Science via courses which have been developed meticulously. Renowned programmes from other countries such as the US, Europe and Australia were used as a benchmark. Teaching staff of the School together with others from the Medical and Dental Schools of USM, Chemistry Department of Malaysia, The Fire and Rescue Department, and The Royal Malaysia Police will together ensure that the programme is run smoothly and in an excellent manner.

InUniversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, the Bachelor of Forensic Scienceis a four-year degree program, consisting of chemistry, biology and health sciences as core components. Students will be gradually exposed to various areas of forensic knowledge through series of interesting and challenging teaching techniques including interactive lectures, problem-based laboratory activities, simulations and case presentations.

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