PISMP Institute of Teacher Education (IPG) Frequently Asked Questions

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We have students asking us various questions in regards to IPG and PISMP programs. So to answer all your questions, here we list the questions and answers to each question that is often asked by applicants related to applications, screening tests, placement if successful and so forth.


Q1. Who is eligible to apply?

A. SPM graduates in 2020, 2019 and 2018. 

Q2. What is the age requirements set?

A. Age not exceeding 20 years on 30 June 2021.

Q3. Where can I get information on the programs offered?

A. You can find for all the necessary information from the Ministry of Education Malaysia website (https://www.moe.gov.my/)

Q4. What is the difference between the Bachelor of Teaching Degree Program (PISMP) and the Outstanding Student Transfer Program (PPC) Abroad Islamic Education?

A. The main difference is in terms of the conditions set. The minimum requirement for PISMP is that applicants need to be excellent in five (5) SPM subjects while the minimum requirement for PPC is that the applicants need to be excellent in seven (7) SPM subjects.

Q5. Where can I apply?

A. Application can be made through https://pismp.moe.gov.my/

Q6. How many choices of field can be made?

A. Applicants will only be allowed to select two choices of field.

Q7. What are the minimum requirements for me to apply?

A1. SPM 2020 graduates have no minimum requirements, you can apply based on the results of your SPM trial examination and for those who did not sit for the trial examination, you can use your Form Four final exam results.The offer depends on the actual SPM results.

A2. After SPM 2018 and 2019, applicants must meet the general requirements and field requirements that have been set.

Q8. Do I need to check the application conditions?

A. Yes, the applicant must check the application conditions that have been set because IPG will match the application with the actual SPM examination results for the current year's SPM applicants (SPM 2020).

Q9. What results will I use during the application?

A1. SPM 2020 graduates will use the SPM trial exam results while SPM graduates from  states that do not implement the trial examination will use their Form Four final exam results. 

A2. SPM 2018 and 2019 graduates will use the actual SPM results.

Q10. I have met the minimum requirements of the application but still failed to make a choice of program/field?

A. Apart from meeting the basic requirements set, the applicant must also meet the requirements of the field of specialization they had applied for.

Q11. How many times can I update the application?

A. Applicants can update until the application deadline (April 15, 2021).

Q12. Where can I get more information on filling out the application, especially the specific requirements of the field of study applied for?

A. You can refer to https://pismp.moe.gov.my/


Q1. What is e-UKCG?

A. e-UKCG is an online psychometric test used by IPGM KPM to screen candidates who apply for teacher training at IPG. Only candidates who pass the e-UKCG will be considered to undergo the next screening.

Q2. When is e-UKCG PISMP conducted?

A. e-UKCG PISMP 2021 will be conducted from 1 to 25 April 2021.

Q3. Can a candidate change the e-UKCG date that has been set?

A. NO. Candidates are not allowed to change the e-UKCG date and candidates need to be prepared to sit for the test on the scheduled date.

Q4. How can a candidate find out the eligible status of e-UKCG?

A. Candidates who have completed the PISMP 2021 application online will be given a date to sit for e-UKCG. Please be alert and remember the e-UKCG date set.

Q5. Are candidates placed in specific centers to sit for the e-UKCG?

A. NO. Candidates can occupy the e-UKCG at their respective residences or at any place that has a good internet connection.

Q6. What if the candidate finds it difficult to get an internet connection to sit for e-UKCG at home?

A. Candidates can sit for e-UKCG in areas or other places that provide good internet services such as cyber cafes, village ICT centers, schools, public libraries or in areas that provide wireless internet. Keep in mind, e-UKCG is CONFIDENTIAL. Candidates are not allowed to point, sit in an open space for others to view or disseminate test questions to other individuals or parties.

Q7. What devices can be used to answer e-UKCG?

A. e-UKCG can only be answered online. Candidates therefore need a strong internet connection and are encouraged to use a computer or laptop to answer the e-UKCG. However, candidates can also answer using other devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Q8. Where can candidates get guidance to sit for e-UKCG?

A. Guidance for candidates who are sitting for e-UKCG will be provided. Candidates can download the guide and read it carefully before starting to answer.

Q9. What preparations do candidates need to do before sitting for e-UKCG?

A1. Candidates will be scheduled to sit for the e-UKCG on a specific date. Candidates need to be aware of the dates given and make initial preparations such as identifying a suitable location to answer if there is no internet connection at home.

A2. Make sure the candidate reads and understands the question instructions carefully before selecting the answer to the question.

A3. e-UKCG contains many questions and needs to be answered within a limited period of time. Therefore, candidates are advised to answer spontaneously. Choose the answer that suits yourself.

Q10. Can the candidate discuss with family or others while answering the e-UKCG?

A. NO. Candidates are not allowed to discuss or ask family members or others while answering the e-UKCG.

Q11. Once the candidate has completed answering the e-UKCG and clicks the submit button, can the candidate re-answer the test?

A. NO. Candidates can no longer answer e-UKCG after submission.

Q12. What if there is a disruption while the candidate is answering the e-UKCG such as internet line breakdown, power outage, computer breakdown and so on?

A. In the event of an interruption such as the above whereby the candidate is unable to proceed with the test, the candidate must apply to proceed with the test by clicking the [Error Complaint] button. Candidates will be given a new date/time to proceed with the test. Please read the instructions carefully.


Q1. Are face-to-face interviews still being conducted?

A. NO. Face-to-face interviews were replaced with video recording evaluations. You are required to prepare and edit a video of your teaching demonstrations in order to be assessed.

Q2. Do all candidates applying for IPG need to provide video recordings?

A. NO. Only applicants who have passed the UKCG are required to provide video recordings based on the guidelines provided. 

Q3. When will I be notified to prepare a video recording?

A. You will know the video preparation date when you review the UKCG results through the designated portal. You will need to enter your ID and password to check.

Q4. What video recording content needs to be provided?

A. The video content that needs to be provided includes the components of Self-Introduction and Teaching Demonstration. A complete guideline will be provided for the reference. Applicants can download from the designated portal. You are advised to read all the instructions carefully.

Q5. How long do I have before I need to provide video recording?

A. You are given a period of 45 days starting April 30, 2021 to May 16, 2021 to prepare the video recording. You are required to send the link/url of the video recording to IPGM through the PISMP portal no later than 16 May 2021 at 11.59 pm.

Q6. What if I do not follow the guidelines/video recording provided?

A. Your video recording will NOT be considered for evaluation by the judging panel. Your application will also NOT be certified.

Q7. If I do not send the video recording/send after the due date is my application eligible for consideration?

A. Your application is NOT ELIGIBLE to be considered/certified.

Q8. Will I be contacted if IPGM wants to get additional/further information about myself?

A. Yes. During the video recording evaluation period, you might also be contacted by the evaluation panel via video call/Skype/phone call for the purpose of obtaining additional/further information about yourself. Therefore, you are required to be prepared with the appropriate gadgets and applications (smartphone/laptop/PC/Skype) and internet facilities to launch a 

conversation. You will be contacted in advance so that you can prepare a suitable date and time. 

Q9. What action will be taken if I upload a video recording in any social media?

A. All video recordings submitted are the property of KPM. Therefore, you are not allowed to upload the video recording on any social media. If you are found to be doing so, your application will be CANCELED immediately.


Q1. What is a Physical Fitness Video or Video Kecergasan Fizikal (VKF)?

A. Physical Fitness Video or VKF is a fitness and health screening of candidates conducted by video recording evaluation. Candidates who pass the e-UKCG screening will be required to prepare VKF recordings according to the guidelines set.

Q2. What is the VKF preparation period?

A. Candidates are required to provide VKF recordings between 30 April to 16 May 2021. The last date for candidates to submit VKF recordings will be on 16 May 2021.

Q3. Can a candidate change the VKF recording that has been sent?

A. NO. Candidates cannot change the VKF recording that has been submitted. Therefore, the candidate must first ensure that the VKF recording that will be sent exactly meets the set guidelines.

Q4. How can a candidate know if they should prepare a VKF recording?

A. Review of e-UKCG results will be released starting 30 April 2021. Only candidates who have passed e-UKCG will need to provide VKF recordings. 

Q5. What devices can candidates use to create a VKF recording?

A. Candidates can make VKF recordings using a video recorder or mobile phone. Recording methods and specifications are stated in the guidelines provided. Please read carefully.

Q6. What preparations should candidates do before making a VKF recording?

A1. Candidates should read the guidelines of creating a VKF carefully.

A2. Candidates can take the test repeatedly in preparation and training. Only the best VKF recordings need to be submitted within 

the stipulated period. It should be noted that recordings that have been sent cannot be altered.

A3. Make sure the video and audio recordings are clear. Unclear recording content will affect the evaluation.



Q1. Can I decline the offer?

A1. Yes, during the offer review.

A2. After rejecting the offer you will not be re-offered for the second time.

Q2. Can I change programs/fields of study?

A. You are NOT allowed to change programs/fields of study because the offer is final.

Q3. Can I change my place of study?

A. You are NOT allowed to change places of study as the decision of the offer is final. 

Q4. Can I defer registration?

A. You are NOT allowed to delay registration.

Q5. Can I appeal?

A. You CANNOT appeal. 

Q6. When can I check the results?

A. Applicants can review the results on 16 July 2021

Q7. Where can I check offer results?

A. Results can be checked at https://pismp.moe.gov.my/ 

Q8. Can my offer be canceled?

A. Yes if you do not meet the conditions or criteria set;  or if you were found cheating during any stage of the application.

Q9. Can an appeal be made?

A. The appeal is not open.

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