Pharmacy grads facing difficulty getting jobs due to SBPA

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 13, 2012, 02:34 pm

  • The Star reported that besides nursing grads, pharmacy graduates are also finding it difficult to find jobs.
  • The difference between the two is that the hitch in job placement for pharmacy grads is due to the New Public Sevice Remuneration Scheme (SBPA)
  • Last year, the Health Ministry revised their condition for becoming a pharmacist. Instead of previously having to go through 1 year training plus 3 years attachment, grads now only have to go through 1 year training and 1 year attachment at a public hospital
  • Public Service Department (PSD) Director-General Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman is sympathetic and strives to solve the issue by Feb 24.
  • Currently, there is a pharmacist-patient ratio of 1:3,200, short of the ideal recommendation of 1:2,000 by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

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