Pay Less, More Flexibility: Study Abroad With These Twinning Programmes

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 29, 2023, 02:29 pm

Have you ever seen those envy-inducing Instagram photos of university students studying abroad in Europe? Posing in their winter coats and taking the subway? Maybe you've even felt a pang of jealousy when you saw a tweet from someone announcing their acceptance to a foreign university.

We've all been there. It's only natural to want to experience something new and different as we grow into young adults. But let's face it: studying abroad can be expensive. And for many, financial constraints make it impossible to pursue their dreams of an international education.

But there is hope! There is a way to study abroad without breaking the bank: twinning programmes. Twinning programmes are academic partnerships between two universities that allow students to complete part of their degree at one university and the remaining part at the other university. The two universities work together to create a curriculum that is tailored to the student's needs and interests.

Twinning programs are a much more affordable way to study abroad than studying entirely at a university in another country. And because they are partnered with local universities, they can increase your chances of being accepted into your dream institution.

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HELP University’s extensive Twinning Programme

Bolstering its commitment to providing a world-class education, HELP University has established robust partnerships with esteemed international universities across Australia, the UK, US, Ireland, and New Zealand. These partnerships not only allow students to immerse themselves in diverse academic environments but also offer an array of flexible study arrangements that cater to the financial considerations of a broad spectrum of learners. 

There are several pathways for students who are interested in twinning programs with Australian and New Zealand universities. Diploma-level students who have completed their diploma in business at HELP University can pursue a 2+2 programme, which requires them to study for two years at HELP University and then complete their degree at the partner university overseas for two or one and a half years.

Students who have completed any of HELP University's foundation programmes or equivalent qualifications such as STPM/A-Levels/UEC have more options. They can choose from three programs: 1.5+1.5, 1+2, or 2+1.

Check out the diagram below for the full list of universities and programmes applicable for the twinning programmes.

The options for twinning programs in the UK, US, and Ireland are the same, except that the 1.5+1.5 program is not available for degree students.

HELP University's twinning programmes offers some of the best options, if you're keen to get a twinning programme in malaysia. With the wide range of programs available in these universities, you can pursue your dreams of studying in a different environment, learning a new study technique, and networking with professionals in your field. This can give you a competitive edge in the job market after graduation.

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