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Two Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) students' accounting abilities put them among the elite few after scoring top results in the ACCA September 2022 examinations.

Kang Hong (left) and Yi Wen (right) upheld TAR UMT’s reputation of producing high achievers after emerging as prize winners in the ACCA September 2022 examinations.

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) student Yap Kang Hong was named Top in Malaysia for the Advanced Performance Management (APM) paper, and Second Top Affiliate in Malaysia for attaining the second highest combined mark in ACCA examinations at the Professional Level. 

Chan Yi Wen, similarly impressed in the ACCA examinations, scoring high marks to be named Top in Malaysia for the Advanced Taxation (ATX) paper.

Yi Wen, who also took the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) programme, was genuinely surprised after she was notified of her accomplishment via email, saying: "I was ecstatic after seeing the results with my own eyes! It is a great honour to be conferred this award because it is recognition of all the hard work I put into preparing for this examination."

"Despite having to adapt to the new learning environment like online classes, I was able to adapt to the changes well. I did a lot of practice with mock exams which expanded my critical thinking abilities in applying relevant points when attempting to solve a variety of situational problems. I even put in extra effort to create a timetable to track my preparation progress to ensure that I can be fully prepared for the exam," she added.     

As for Kang Hong, this achievement is the perfect way to sign off his student life - the lad will be graduating in 2023 following the completion of his studies.

"To be completely honest, I thought I would do well, but not this well. But it was not an overnight result as I have prepared for weeks, even months for this exam. In addition to practicing past year questions, I even took the initiative to attend ACCA-related talks held on campus to familiarise myself with the latest industry trends and gain some tips on how to approach the questions."

Currently employed as a tax assistant, Kang Hong thanked TAR UMT for setting him up for success through a comprehensive and industry-relevant academic syllabus.

"The programme meets the latest standards set by ACCA while exposing me to the actual professional standards and practices in the field, helping me transition smoothly into my current job position at Deloitte Tax Services Sdn Bhd. I am confident I can take what I learned at TAR UMT and eventually accomplish my goal of working in Singapore," he added.


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