New metro polytechnic in Setiawangsa to meet industry needs

Published by on Jul 25, 2011, 02:03 pm

  • The metro polytechnic that just opened in Setiawangsa will provide service-oriented education to meet socioeconomic needs, especially the needs of the industry.
  • This polytechnic was launched in line with the polytechnic transformation plan (February, 2010).
  • Metro polytechnic was not to compete with the other conventional polytechnics but to boost the education system in such institutions.
  • Metro polytechnic will provide both part-time and full-time programmes to fulfill the needs of sectors such as trade and service.
  • The polytechnic in Setiawangsa will focus on high market value programmes covering diverse industries (food, fashion, Islamic finance and banking, tourism, hotel and catering and digital animation.
  • Two more metro polytechnics will be established this year (2011) in Johor Bahru and Kuantan respectively. Seven more will open during the 10th Malaysian Plan period.
  • The increase in polytechnics was to meet the demand for places in the institutions. There were 119,000 students who wished to enrol when there were only places for 29,000 students.
  • A unique feature of polytechnics is it's low cost to establish as it only needs a commercial building to operate.
  • Polytechnics are mainly dedicated to local students.
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