National Education Blueprint prepares Malaysian students to become globally competitive

Published by on Sep 12, 2012, 06:07 am

  • The National Education Blueprint (NEB) assesses the state of the country’s education system.
  • It identifies the problems and challenges and opportunities; and suggests solutions as well as predicts outcomes that will happen in the next 13 years.
  • Through the use of knowledge, innovation and technology, the Blueprint’s prime goal is to prepare students for the future.
  • Among the highlights of the Blueprint is the emphasis on literacy in multilingual contexts (English and Bahasa Malaysia) and upgrading the quality of English teachers.
  • Another key takeaway is the focus on teaching students how to think, critically. This includes skills in interpreting, extrapolating and comparing data and connecting these as solutions to problems.
  • The public does not need to wait 13 years for outcomes to be realised, significant changes will happen over the next twelve months (Dec 2012-Dec 2013). These include:

  1. Determining the capability of all 70,000 English teachers against internationally recognised CPT and have the 5,000 of these teachers upskilled
  2. Introducing Literacy and Numeracy (LINUS) programme to primary school students to further improve their reading, writing and counting skills
  3. Raising the recruitment bar to ensure the hiring of quality educators
  4. Providing quality training to teachers as well as education providers
  5. Getting parents to be more involved in their children’s learning
  6. Providing 4G coverage in all 10,000 primary secondary schools
  • For the long haul, the Blueprint will cover 11 strategic and operational shifts that would be required to achieve that vision (see image below). 

  • Driving the Blueprint delivery is the Education Delivery Unit. EDU will monitor, problem solve and implement and manage issues and communication with stakeholders.  The results and assessments will be measured against predetermined outcomes which will happen in 3 waves or stages – 2013-15; 2016-20; and 2021-25.
  • In other news, PAGE has expressed disappointment for not including English in the instruction for Mathematics and Science. Click HERE to read the full story.
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