Must Know SPM Survival Tips

Published by Afterschool.my on Feb 24, 2022, 11:57 am

The end as we know it is nigh! No, it’s not a deadly zombie outbreak bringing the Walking Dead to life (sadly), nor is it another predicted date by yet another shaman with one too many bones strung around his neck. What we’re referring to, is SPM 2020 (shudders). Don’t fret though, because we have these must-know tips to survive SPM 2020.

1. Ensure You Possess Sufficient Ammo

Yup, before any such apocalypse, one must stockpile as much ammo as possible. The ammo which we mean, of course, is any and all stationery you’ll need. Make sure you have loads and loads of pencils sharpened. Don’t go overboard too and make em’ too sharp that they snap off the moment contact is made with the answer sheet. Another crucial tip: There is no such thing as too many pens. You don’t want to be the singular student in the hall whose pen has run out of ink, now do you? Ensure you have erasers, rulers, and rolls of correction tape as well. Notice we used the plural form of each because one is never enough.

2. Stock Up on Food Because Winter is Coming

Of course, your parents/guardians will shower you with curries galore for lunch or dinner after you’re done with papers. But what about when you are studying at night, or between papers, and your tummy decides to betray the rest of your body by rumbling and begging to be fed. No, we don’t condone any student starving, because food is essential for your brain to function. However, stocking up on pastries, little buns, boxed drinks, and a snack or two will come in handy when you just need some light nourishment to get you from Paper I to Paper II.

3. Sleep

Some people will tell you to relax the day before a big exam. Others will tell you to study because you’ll retain information that much better. Indeed, there are studies that support both theories. But what you should do, is simply, you. If you’re the kind of person who does prefer taking it easy the day before a paper because you’ve prepared extensively, then do that. If you’re the opposite, and much rather go through your carefully devised set of flashcards/notes, well that’s fine as well. Just try to not pull an all-nighter, because your brain will need some rest, so your attention is undivided come the paper scheduled for the next day.  

4. Backpack, Backpack

Hands up (subtly) if you sang the heading from above. Well, unlike the character from the reference, you need to get a backpack and know what’s in it at all times. Remember the ammo we mentioned in 1, well you need to keep all of that, along with a calculator, brushes, SPM Slip, Identification Card, and anything else you deem important. The only time it shouldn’t be in your backpack is during the exam. Other than that, it should be in one place and one place only, that’s right, in your backpack, backpack.

5. Communicate

Nope, not during exams wise guy, but rather, before and after exams. While brushing up on notes last minute is important, try talking a little to your friends every now and then. It doesn’t have to be about the paper you just sat for either. This is important because SPM is truly a remarkably stressful period, and talking amongst friends helps each of you maintain your calm, which is hugely important when it comes to sitting for an exam of any kind.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Trying to study out of a big ol’ textbook mere days before the big exam is a tad bit pointless. Why you ask? Well, simply because there isn’t much time LEFT. You’re much better off using past year and forecast question books in an attempt to gain any last-minute wisdom. If you haven’t already, then go out and gain an extensive collection of these books ahead of time, and get to work. If you have, then go out and expand your collection by buying more, because when it comes to preparation, it's better to go over than under.

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