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According to the International Monetary Fund 2020, Malaysia’s economy is the sixth largest in Southeast Asia, making it one of the best countries to launch a business. Hence, business studies have no doubt become a popular degree option, especially among the younger generation. Not only does it create a pathway to financial freedom, it also opens a world of possibilities for you. Keep in mind that business studies encompasses an extensive range of areas. So, if you are keen to explore a career in business, read on to find out which options in business studies are most sought after by employers.

1. Accounting and Finance

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance is a significant area of business studies. Imagine running a business, but you fail to keep track of the total revenue generated, the taxes involved and additional costs. Your business is bound to experience a downfall. By learning accounting and business, you can use this knowledge to launch your own business. Above all, you can also work as an accountant, auditor, finance manager, financial analyst, and even as an anti-money laundering specialist.

2. Business Law

Business Law

Business law establishes rules for different business organisations, such as partnerships and corporations, to effectively run the business. Many business organisations typically encounter legal issues involving breach of contract, copyright, trademarks and more. By graduating with a business law degree, you can become a business lawyer, paralegal, operations manager, risk analyst and management consultant. It is a highly valued degree by corporate companies.

3. Econometrics and Business Statistics

Econometrics and Business Statistics

Majoring in econometrics and business statistics in business studies means learning to predict the general direction of the economy and its impact on business operations. You will learn to gather and interpret data so that you can facilitate the decision-making process in business, policies or investments. This information is crucial to almost all primary sectors and business leaders. Also, you can opt to work as an economist, policy analyst, data analyst, financial risk analyst etc.

4. Management Studies

Management Studies

Running a business can be lucrative, but what's more pivotal is managing the business. From planning up to resolving issues and finding solutions, you will learn the tools and skills to strengthen the business. There is so much to learn in business, such as industry trends, business strategies, ways to establish rapport with clients or customers, managing finance etc. With a major in business management, you can opt to become anything from an administrator, banker and entrepreneur to a sales representative.

5. Marketing


A product or a service does not sell itself. Marketing is an essential part of business. By majoring in marketing, you will learn to create more awareness of the product or service. Likewise, you will learn to convince others to use your products or services. Most importantly, you will learn what it takes to attract returning customers. There is a lot to learn in marketing, especially with the world becoming fully online. Marketers are highly in demand by almost all industries.

In a world where business stakes keep rising, people need a first-class business education. One of the most forward-thinking and reputable institutions in the world for business studies is Monash University. Monash University Malaysia is the third largest campus of Australia's largest university and the first foreign university campus in Malaysia. 

Monash University

It is a premier research-intensive Australian university ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Monash University is also ranked 55 in the QS 2021 World University Rankings. To find out more about the programmes, duration, and fee structures, click here.

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