More Special Education Teachers Should Be Hired

Published by on Aug 07, 2020, 10:45 am

PETALING JAYA: “There is a need for more special education teachers in schools as more special needs students are enrolling”, said former deputy education minister Teo Nie Ching.

She also said that the sharp increase in special needs students in schools is the result of the zero-reject education policy implemented by the opposition political party last year and that the education ministry needs to prepare sufficient special education teachers to ensure the students received high-quality education.

“The increase in the number of special needs students actually needs swift action to prepare sufficient teachers,” added Teo Nie Ching.

According to a parliamentary answer from the current deputy education minister Mah Hang Soon, 516 new special education teachers will graduate from the Institute of Teachers Training between the year 2020 and 2025.

Teo also urged the ministry to take in special education teachers on a contractual basis this year since 92,755 special needs students were enrolled in schools as of June 30, compared to 83,039 in January 2019. She also said the number of special education classes had increased by 513 compared to 2018.

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