Meet Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad, Malaysia’s New Minister of Education

Published by on Mar 10, 2020, 02:34 pm

The introduction of a new cabinet also means the announcement of our latest Minister of Education, and Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has named Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad as Malaysia’s newest Minister of Higher Education.

Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad has been involved with politics for the past 35 years, including holding the Chairperson position for Wanita UMNO in 2018.

Get to know more about Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad below:

For decades, Malaysia has been plagued with educational issues that seem impossible to solve. There's the indecisiveness of the medium language for Science and Mathematics subjects (from English to BM to English, again)...

The unfortunately low English standards from Malaysian students...

And of course, the vernacular schools issue, especially regarding language standardization and racial unity (which you can read more here)...

Hopefully, with Datuk Dr Noraini Ahmad on board, our education system will no longer breed racial conflict and instead focuses on developing our economy. We wish Datuk Dr Noraini good luck as Malaysia's newest Minister of Higher Education. is Malaysia's no.1 Higher Education website. For more updates, check our institution, course, and scholarship pages today.

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