Medical institutions advised to intensify student screenings

Published by on Jul 31, 2011, 02:19 pm

  • Poor selection process of medical doctors in Malaysia has partly brought in mentally-ill and suicide-prone housemen to the medicine field.
  • Some of the problems in such housemen were major depression, schizophrenia, behavioural problems, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
  • The Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has received complaints about housemen who are said to have poor knowledge of medicine, poor techniques of examining patients, poor bedside etiquette, absence from duty, paying other housemen to do calls and refusing to take advice.
  • To eradicate the problem, students should be interviewed and put through screening process based on good academic results as well as a psychometric test.
  • So far, University Sains Malaysia (USM) is the only university to perform such screenings.

Complaints, according to year, made by heads of departments were as follows:

(a) 2008 - 30 cases

(b) 2009 - 49 cases

(c) 2010 - 30 cases

(d) 2011 (January to June) - 24 cases

Complaints, according to year, received by MMC were as follows:

(a) 2009 - 119 cases

(b) 2010 - 112 cases

(c) 2011 (January to June) - 47 cases

  • One of the many causes of the production of poorly informed housemen is said to begin with scrupulous agents who recruit as many students as possible and dismiss the minimum criteria for accepting students to medical institutions.
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