MCKL's Winning Streak at Inter-College Science Competitions

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 28, 2017, 04:21 pm

Last month saw two teams do Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) proud, emerging as champions and third runners-up in the IMU Science Discovery Challege 2017 inter-college competition. Held on July 15, the trio of Teo Jin Yeet, Cheong Ruoh Wen and Tan Wei Hao each won RM1000 and a trophy as their reward for snagging first place.

Monash Science Triathlon 2017

As if that wasn’t enough, a week later, MCKL scored another victory as its two teams entered Monash Science Triathlon 2017 and emerged champions and second runners-up. Noah Lee, Tan Chia Wen, Teh Hui Wen and Mark Alexis Chia Jihnming won the grand prize that includes a trophy, RM200 each and the Monash Bursary. The sciences have long been highly regarded as the cornerstones of development in any nation, and MCKL has a long record of academic success and achievements in this area.

Science Discovery Challenge 2017

An average of 60% of students in all three sciences scored A or A* in the A-Level exams in June 2017, which meets MCKL’s standards. One particularly exemplary student is Yong Zheng Xin, a senior MCKL graduate, who once trod a similar path as one of the global finalists in the Google Science Fair 2016. He is now the teenager who invented a new and affordable method of detecting early-stage lung cancer. In time, MCKL hopes that they will go even further to apply the same degree of talent and effort in their chosen fields of expertise, and so MCKL will continue to encourage its students to develop their talents and hard work in pursuing that goal.

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