Malaysia continues to be key international student market for New Zealand

Published by on Sep 19, 2018, 07:54 am

Malaysia, 6 September 2018: Malaysia remains to be an important market for New Zealand’s international education sector, even after more than 60 years since the diplomatic relationship between both countries was forged, said Education New Zealand’s (ENZ) South East Asia Regional Manager, Mr Ben Burrowes.

Speaking at an exclusive media gathering organised by ENZ today, Mr Burrowes highlighted the rising number of Malaysian students choosing to study in New Zealand. Statistics from ENZ show that as of June this year, there has been a 21 per cent rise in the number of first-time student visas from Malaysia compared to the same period last year.

He further commented on how the newly launched International Education Strategy by the New Zealand government aims to provide international students, including Malaysian students, with a more holistic education and student experience.

“Malaysia has always been a key partner of New Zealand’s when it comes to education. With the launch of the new International Education Strategy, we are aiming to provide more Malaysian students with not only a high-quality education that is recognised internationally, but also a welcoming and safe environment to study in.

“A part of the new International Education Strategy is the International Student Wellbeing Strategy that was developed to ensure that the wellbeing of our international students, including Malaysians, are well taken care of. International students need to feel welcome and valued for their contributions to New Zealand.

“More importantly, with the new strategy, we hope to develop our international students to become global citizens equipped with skills needed to tackle global issues today such as sustainability and climate change,” said Mr Burrowes.

Ms Stephanie Chai, an alumna of the University of Auckland, and CEO and founder of travel booking website,, shared her experiences studying in New Zealand.

“My time in New Zealand provided me with an all-rounded education. Not only does the education system push students academically, it also has a strong emphasis on sports and the Arts, which allowed me to do theatre studies. The teachers were also great and always strived to provide the most engaging experiences for students, allowing me to gain skills that I would go on to apply in my role as the founder of

“Everyone in New Zealand was down-to-earth and very encouraging, which in some ways, have shaped my personality today as well,” shared Ms Chai.

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