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Published by Afterschool.my on Jun 07, 2017, 10:52 am

IACT College has always been about discovering and nurturing creativity. As part of the effort to inspire endless creativity within oneself, Project ImPossible was launched with the aim of encouraging everyone to excel in their field and document their achievement. To date, Project ImPossible has seen many alumni and students make waves locally and internationally in various industries ranging from marketing, communications, advertising and entrepreneurship to performing arts and entertainment.

To document such achievements, Project ImPossible featured a series of articles in the form of “ImPossible Story”, highlighting the journey behind the success of alumni and students from IACT College. One of its alumni who made waves overseas and caught the attention of many in the local entertainment scene is singer-songwriter Ariff Abu Bakar, who goes by the stage name Ariff AB. A graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting, Ariff found fame as he was starting his study at IACT College.

“IACT College is special as it gives you that positive vibe and enables you to achieve whatever you want in life. I had the opportunity to meet many people with different ideas. The lecturers are really cool and you get to know and be assured of what you’re in for,” said Ariff, citing his time with the college. Ariff also fondly remembers a lecturer, the late Miss Suhana (Communication lecturer and singer), whom he thanks for his success in his music career. “She believed in connecting with the students and always brought out the best in them. “She encouraged me to let loose and explore my creativity in music and be confident about my art. I really appreciate the support from friends and lecturers from the college back when I first started my music career,” said a grateful Ariff.

Another alumna who is making waves locally is Gina Yap, local novelist and president of the Malaysian Writers Society. Gina graduated with Diploma in Advertising and Marketing, and published her debut novel Eksperimen Cinta in 2010.When asked about her days with IACT College, she remarked that the college is one of a kind. “During the first week in college, I met my lecturer Penny Low. Three weeks into my first semester,she put us on a huge stage in front of Tun Dr Mahathir, some TV camera crew and a huge crowd at the Mid Valley convention hall. We had to present a skit and I asked myself, ‘Can I really do this?’,” Yap said. “It forced me out of my shell. I felt out of place even among my coursemates and I started asking ‘what on earth am I doing?’ “It is by asking those questions and finding an answer that I came to where I am today. So, I would like to thank my lecturers for believing in us,” she added. Besides honouring the success of its alumni, IACT College also celebrates the “ImPossible” spirit by featuring stories from current students.

To find out more about Project ImPossible, visit iact.edu.my/projectimpossible.

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