List of Scholarships Offered by a Top University in Malaysia

Published by on May 04, 2021, 04:36 pm

SEGi University is the largest private university with 5 campuses located across Malaysia. In the recent SETARA evaluation by MyQUEST, SEGi University has successfully earned a 6 star rating, verifying its high teaching and learning quality. The SETARA rating is given upon careful evaluation, hence if you are looking to attain quality and meaningful education, it is crucial to select universities with a high SETARA rating. On top of its high quality education, SEGi University also has a high employability rate. Recruiters often recognize universities that produce excellent graduates and it is no surprise that graduates from SEGi are given amazing opportunities by world leading companies even during uncertain times.


In line with the current economic predicament, students are struggling to secure scholarships. To make matters worse, even talented and high achieving students are finding it hard to land a scholarship. Thankfully, SEGi University is offering various scholarships to realize the dreams of students. The two primary scholarships offered are as follows:

SEGi High Achievers Scholarship

SEGi High Achievers Scholarship is offered for Malaysian citizens aged below 25 years. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you need to have an outstanding academic result. Students with 10A’s and above in their SPM or O-Levels are eligible for a full scholarship, meanwhile those with 9A’s and above in their SPM or O-Levels are eligible for a 75% scholarship on tuition fees. Likewise, students who performed well in their pre-university programme such as STPM, Matriculation, A-Level, Foundation, Diploma, UEC and AUSMAT can also apply for a full scholarship. To get more info on the scholarship and general requirements, click here.

SEGi Sports Scholarship

If you are a state or national athlete in Malaysia, this scholarship might just be for you. National athletes are entitled to a 50% rebate on tuition fees while state athletes are entitled to a 25% rebate on tuition fees. Above all, you will be given multiple opportunities to represent SEGi University in games and tournaments. To get more info on the scholarship and general requirements, click here.

Programmes Offered

SEGi University offers a variety of programmes for you to choose from. These programmes are recognized and accredited by the government. More substantially, SEGi programmes are recognized by world leading companies. The curriculum is industry-relevant curriculum designed with great details to ensure that students are provided with a first-class education, some of which are designed in a joint effort with several prestigious universities from Australia and the United Kingdom. The programmes offered include Business, Accounting & Management, Communication & Creative Design, Dentistry, Education, Engineering & Information Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, Languages, Medicines, Optometry, Pharmacy and Psychology.


In sum, whether you are planning to continue your foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate studies, it is important to take several factors into account such as the quality of education, the kind of support you can get from the university including scholarships and financial aid as well as where the qualification can get you to. The wrong choice can deprive you of various opportunities and a lifetime learning experience. SEGi University is able to provide you with a type of education that allows you to grow and give back to the community. For more information on the programmes as well as intake, duration, fee, eligibility and general requirements, click here.

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