List of Overseas Universities Accepting STPM Leavers

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Many of you might be wondering if STPM graduates can continue their studies abroad? Is STPM recognised and accepted by universities abroad?  The answer is yes. There are numerous universities situated all around the world that offer placement for qualified STPM leavers. With an impressive result, here are some of the best universities you can consider applying for. 

United Kingdom

1. King’s College London 

2. University College London 

3. University of Bristol 

4. University of Manchester 

5. University of Birmingham 

6. University of Warwick 

7. University of Nottingham

8. University of Sheffield 

9. University of Surrey 

10. University of Southampton 

11. University of Cardiff 

12. St. Mary’s 

Overseas Universities

United States of America

1. Harvard University 

2. Columbia University 

3. Yale University 

4. Princeton University 

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

6. Boston University


1. Australian National University

 2. University of Sydney 

3. Monash University 

4. University of Queensland 

5. University of Melbourne 

6. University of Adelaide 

7. University of New South Wales


1. University of Toronto

 2. Trent University, Ontario 

3. Ryerson University 

4. Victoria University 

5. York University 

6. Brock University 

Overseas Universities

New Zealand

1. University of Auckland 

2. University of Canterbury

 3. University of Otago 

4. Victoria University of Wellington 

5. Massey University 

6. Lincoln University 

7. Waikato University 

8. Auckland University of Technology


South Korea

1. Korea University 

2. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 

3. Yonsei University 

4. Sungkyunkwan University


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic 



1. Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana 

2. Universitas Andalas 

3. Universitas Sriwijaya 

4. Universitas Sumatera Utara 

Does this make you feel a lot more optimistic? There is always a way to chase your dreams and doing your Form 6 isn’t a bad idea. With an outstanding result in your STPM, the opportunity to continue studying abroad is even better than having a diploma or foundation certification. 

To check the application method and other eligibility requirements, you need to visit the official website of the university. Refer to the application under the international student category. 

The majority of universities have already shared ways to change the grade value of your results according to the grade value at their university and other requirements for admission applications. Do your best to do a little research and find out which degree programme is best suited for you. 

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