LimKokWing Releases Media Statement to Clarify Issue Regarding Accreditation

Published by on May 07, 2021, 04:24 pm

Recently, two students from LimKokWing University expressed their concern when they found out that almost 98 courses including Bachelor degrees as well as Masters and PhD degrees were not recognised by the MQA. Local reports claimed that almost 800 students were left worried and anxious about their future when they found out that LimKokWing programmes were revoked from the MQA list of accredited programmes due to their failure in reaching certain quality standards set by the authorities.

Nonetheless, LimKokWing University has come forward to clarify this issue. A media statement has been released

As quoted "LUCT has undergone audit processes for academic programmes early this year. Out of the 98 programmes, 8 Postgraduate programmes were not being approved an accreditation extension. These 8 programmes have full accreditation since 2010". 

This is followed by another statement that expresses their regret as some parties has sensationalized this issue unnecessarily before they were even given the chance to rectify this issue. LimKokWing assures in their media statement that "accreditation and audit are a continuous exercise and LUCT always ensures that all programmes are registered with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). 

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