KYUEM’s House of Glory – Sapphire’s House Trip

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 05, 2022, 02:15 pm

On the 27th of November, approximately 90 Sapphire members went on an amazing house trip located at Radiant Site A, Janda Baik. The purpose of Sapphire and the other Houses in KYUEM is to provide students a sense of belonging as part of a community at the College while also nurturing them to fit in with KYUEM’s culture. As they reached the destination, they were warmly welcomed by the facilitators. To start the day, they did warm up activities together which helped the Sapphire team members prepare themselves physically and mentally. After breakfast, which was provided by the Radiant team, they started their first team-bonding activity: The GEMS Explorace; where they need to do various tasks to earn points, and the group with the most points would win. The Explorace activities included ‘archery’, ‘paintball’, ‘mini golf’, and the creation of creative team photos. 

After the Explorace sessions were done, they had a lunch break followed by their own free time, where they spent playing team bonding games with their respective group mates. Subsequently, team members learned fire starting theories before moving on to the Barbeque MasterChef session. Smoke spread throughout the camp, stinging their eyes, yet they enjoyed every second of it. One of the members expressed, “In hindsight, as we prepared dinner, I realised the importance of teamwork and patience, qualities that are valuable in the path of adulthood. Additionally, the trip showed the importance of appreciating the people around us, which made our bond even stronger.”

At the end of the day, Sapphire’s House Trip cultivates a bond between the team members where they will look back on it with fondness, spending College days with friends eating Barbequed chicken while conversing and laughing underneath the dazzling sun.

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