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For those of you who are going to continue your studies to matriculation, you should be aware about the educational assistance provided by the government as well as the requirements to apply for the assistance.

KPM Matriculation

Here we share some of the most frequently asked questions and answers in regard to the education support available to individuals who are planning to continue their studies to matriculation.

Are there any financial assistance that students can apply for? 

Students from B40 families and M40 families with a household income limit of RM10,000.00 or below are eligible to receive allowances of RM1,250.00 per semester. 

Students can also seek help from organisations other than the MOE, such as Baitulmal and the State Zakat Center. 

When will students receive their student living allowance (BSHP)?

Eligible students will receive the BSHP after the college receives the complete documents. Only then, payment will be made directly to the student's account.

I have received a scholarship from JPA, am I still eligible to receive BSHP?

No, this is because students are only eligible to receive one scholarship from the government agency.  However, students can receive additional assistance from external agencies such as the State Zakat Center, Baitulmal and others.

How do I apply for Matriculation Education Assistance?

Once you have registered yourself for the matriculation programme you have been offered, the matriculation college will help qualified students to submit applications for the financial aid. 

Usually during the orientation week, students will be informed regarding the assistance whereby those eligible for it can submit their application at their respective matriculation colleges.

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