Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) August 2021 A/AS Level Results

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KYUEM is pleased to announce another set of exceptional Cambridge A/AS level exam results. Despite the challenges our students have faced over the last 18 months they have again excelled in the Examination Hall. 464 of our students sat for AS level and/or full A level examinations in the May/June 2021 exam series. These were our first cross-curriculum exams for 2 years, as last year international exams were replaced by a predicted grades system. As is true for all other fields of endeavor education has suffered restrictions and setbacks since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic but there are some constants in our rapidly changing world, two of which are the excellence to which our College aspires and the grades which our students achieve. This year our headline statistics at full A level include:

CAIE  A Level Results 2021

  • 92% of results gained were A*, A or B grades.
  • 80% of results gained were A* or A grades.
  • 49% of results gained were A* grades.

CAIE  A Level Results 2021

  •      66% of our students gained at least 3 A grades or better.
  •      58% of our students gained straight A*/A grades.
  •      32% of our students gained at least 3 A* grades or better.
  •      29% of our students gained at least 4 A grades or better.

6 of these 7 data equal or surpass the finest examination data we have ever published, in the months following the May/June 2019 CAIE exam series. Through their examination achievements our students continue to be presented with Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, recognising their results nationally as the best in Malaysia and often internationally as the best in the World. The upper data set simply reveals the grade achievements and the probabilities of success at A level. The lower data set is perhaps more significant in terms of our students’ tertiary education after their graduation from KYUEM. These are the grade combinations that secure enrolment at premier international universities.

Our A level achievements are matched only by the exceptional work undertaken in our University Relations Department. 83% of our graduating senior students have met the requirements of their conditional offers from some of the finest universities in the UK and the USA. 7 of our students will enrol at Oxford or Cambridge this year, 5 on the strength of examinations taken this year, and 2 deferred entries from 2020. Many more of our students have gained places at highly prestigious international universities since the publication of their A level results including Ivy League universities in the US and many of the Russell Group universities in the UK.

Our current senior students have just received their AS level results and have embarked on the second year of their A level studies with 82% of all their AS results at A grade. They have the foundation to achieve comparable full A level results next year.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of our students whose achievements are based upon lengthy periods of online learning. Our teaching staff have adapted proactively to the demands of distance learning and undertaken extensive training to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills to our students. They are a mixture of local and international teachers, more than half of whom have Masters degrees or PhDs. They employ a variety of learning techniques through a range of software media to ensure the highest of standards are maintained.

Our educational philosophy centres upon holistic learning and independence of thought. We develop skills and wisdom as well as the knowledge base demanded by the Cambridge curriculum. Tertiary education in the 21st century requires a degree of sophistication and increasingly the professions our students aspire to require a cosmopolitan and thoughtful outlook on life. The KYUEM co-curricular programme is designed to prepare our students with this in mind

To learn more about KYUEM, please visit our website or you may also wish to register yourself into our Virtual Open Day (On Demand) where you can have full access to information about KYUEM, anytime, anywhere at your convenience. 

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