Join the Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Programme 2019

Published by Afterschool.my on Apr 11, 2019, 12:09 pm

Great news for fellow students who are interested to work in the aviation industry, especially in piloting! Not only is AirAsia offering the cadet pilot programme this year, but Malaysia Airlines is on board this year too, with their Cadet Pilot Programme. 

Applications for the Malaysia Airlines Cadet Pilot Programme 2019 are open until 28th April 2019. The Cadet Pilot Programme is open to SPM graduates as well as diploma and bachelor’s degree holders.

For the entry requirements and academic qualifications, do refer to the image below!

MH Cadet Pilot Programme

Application Process

After submitting your application, the recruitment process then consists of four stages. Applicants will be required to undergo several stages of assessments, as listed below:

Stage 1: Written Examination

Applicants will be required to sit for a written exam that consists of Mathematics, Physics and English questions.

Stage 2: Interview

For the interview stage, applicants will be required to bring along an updated resume or CV, their SPM certificate, I.C., and application form. The interview stage is mainly to assess your general knowledge, personality suitability, communication abilities as well as other interpersonal skills, so do make sure you are able to control your expressions and project confidence.

Stage 3: Online Psychometric Test

The psychometric test is to be taken as an online assessment, and students are expected to bring their own laptops for this stage.

Stage 4: Psychomotor Assessment

For the final stage, candidates will sit for a simulation test for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You will be assigned to an aircraft at random (B737-800, B737-400, B777-200, B747-400). 

Once all the stages have been completed, successful candidates will be called in for a financial briefing, followed by training for 2 years with Malaysia Airlines. For more information or to apply straight away, you can be directed to the application page by clicking here!

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