Jobs You Can Pursue after Completing a Pharmacy Course in Malaysia

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As a school-leaver, you may have come to the understanding that completing a pharmacy course in Malaysia will lead to a career solely as a pharmacist. However, there is more to it than that.

Did you know that after you earn a degree from a pharmacy course in Malaysia, you are equipped with a wide range of transferable skills – useful skills that can help you apply for various roles where your knowledge is highly valued.  Here are five jobs you can consider as you enter the working world:

1. Community/retail pharmacistRetail Pharmacist

A community or retail pharmacist typically works in a drugstore (e.g., Guardian, Watsons, etc.) and is in charge of distributing controlled medicines in accordance with legal and ethical regulations. This is done to ensure that the general public receives the correct medication in the recommended amounts.

As you will interact with consumers on a regular basis, you will play an essential role in maintaining and enhancing people’s health by providing them with appropriate information on the relevant medication in store. Your input into the effectiveness and side effects of various products will help customers make better informed decisions.

Other duties include being on top of the stock of medications in store while also liaising with pharmacy technicians and sales associates from drug companies.

2. Science writer/journalist

Science Writer / JournalistYour expertise after completing a pharmacy course in Malaysia will help you be more in tune with the most recent drugs to hit the market, and you’ll be able to better understand drug production and development theories.

Your specialised knowledge makes you an appealing prospect to a variety of media outlets. When it comes to the latest health breakthroughs, you will have the best expertise in turning complex data into accurate, interesting content that people want to read, watch, or listen to, thanks to your strong communication, analytical and evaluation skills.

Why not start a blog if you’re interested in researching the most recent healthcare issues? This will provide you with experience in science writing and will be an excellent item to present to potential employers.

3. Industrial pharmacist/research pharmacist

Research Pharmacist

Do you want to develop breakthrough medications that can help millions of people around the world? A career in industrial pharmacy could be for you.

Industrial pharmacists undertake experiments in order to create, develop and test new medications and treatments. Aside from ensuring that the drugs are safe and effective, they must also ensure that the latest treatments designed are mass-producible and comply with government and industry requirements.

As an industrial pharmacist, you will most likely work with multinational pharmaceutical companies, spending most of your time in labs conducting research and development. In addition, there may be opportunities for research pharmacists in universities.

4. Regulatory pharmacistRegulatory pharmacist

Regulatory pharmacists are in charge of obtaining permission from local regulatory authorities (e.g. the Drug Control Authority Malaysia) to sell and advertise pharmaceutical goods. In addition, they serve as a liaison between pharmaceutical companies/distributors and local regulatory organisations in order to ensure the safety, quality, and efficacy of drugs promoted and sold in Malaysia.

As a regulatory pharmacist, you will work in pharmaceutical businesses and distributors. This task will require a great deal of attention to detail, as you will be scrutinising scientific and legal documents, some of which could be hundreds of pages thick.

 5. Pharmaceuticals sales executive

Pharmaceuticals sales executive

A pharmaceutical sales executive (also known as a pharmaceutical sales representative or a medical sales representative) promotes the products and services of pharmaceutical or healthcare companies.

Understanding pharmacology is beneficial because you will be detailing the chemistry, manner of action, side effects, and potential interactions with other drugs.

The majority of your day-to-day responsibilities, on the other hand, will entail managing sales opportunities, conducting product presentations, and boosting sales revenue. Because it is generally target-driven, the sales sector can be demanding and stressful at times. However, it can also be a very rewarding career.

Do any of the jobs above intrigue you? Are you currently searching for a pharmacy course in Malaysia? Look no further as Monash University Malaysia is one of the top institutions offering a course in pharmacy. The course incorporates cutting-edge teaching methods and technology. Monash uses MyDispense, an award-winning online simulation tool that allows students to develop confidence and skills in learning how to dispense medicines. Students will also be studying in a professional practice suite, purpose-built to support new formats of teaching and practice in a virtual environment.

It provides students with numerous opportunities to practise their clinical skills at government hospitals and community polyclinics on their road to become qualified pharmacists. Many of its exceptional students have received student prizes and internship opportunities thanks to the course’s collaborations with local pharmaceutical companies. The duration for this course is four years of full-time study, with intake open in February each year. After completing two years of study in Malaysia, you have the opportunity to transfer to the Australian campus for the remainder of the course. For more information about the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) at Monash University Malaysia, CLICK HERE.

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