INTI International University Graduates Have a 97% Employability Rate

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According to Department of Statistics Malaysia, the rate of unemployment among graduates increased by 22.5% from 2019 to 2020. This, of course took place due to the unfavorable economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic where countless businesses and companies were forced to cease operation. 

The rate of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia has been constantly increasing every year. In addition, most students whose families are affected by the pandemic with loss of job and pay cut are also considering to postpone their studies. This happens especially when students are aware that in Malaysia, it is not easy to get jobs right after graduation as many remain unemployed for more than a year. To make matters worse, the minimum wage of graduates is getting lower with time. Local news are reporting that Bachelor degree graduates from top universities are being offered RM300-RM600 as their wage for a full time job.

While every graduate aims to secure rewarding jobs along with other perks that come with it, it is not as simple as that. In fact it is extremely challenging which is why this article aims to look into INTI International University in specific, as INTI has a great record and reputation in propelling its graduates into the workforce. 97% of INTI graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation which is vastly admirable. Before we dive deeper into how INTI has achieved this, let's get to know a little bit more about INTI International University.

INTI International University

INTI was first established in Malaysia in 1986, situated in Kuala Lumpur. It started off with a college status and was upgraded to university college status in 2006. Its outstanding reputation led to a partnership with Laureate International Universities in 2008 and in 2010, it was once again upgraded to university status by the Ministry of Education. This shows that INTI upgraded from a college to university status within 24 years and to date, it has 6 campuses in Malaysia and over 70,000 successful graduates who are now leaders, innovators and game changers of the future.

From an exclusive interview with Dr Joseph Lee, the vice chancellor of INTI International University, there are several key aspects that INTI directs attention on to ensure that graduates stand out from the competition.

Dr Joseph Lee

Dr Joseph Lee, Vice Chancellor of INTI International University shares how INTI has achieved a high employability rate among graduates (Image via https://newinti.edu.my/)

Development of Tangible Skills through Distinctive Learning Opportunities

Our world is changing at a rapid pace. While educators may already be familiar with the term “21st Century Skills” and how it is critically important to success in today’s world, particularly in collegiate programmes and contemporary careers and workplaces, it is not always easy to tailor your programmes with these skills in mind. 

Following that, INTI University tries its level best to design and build its curriculum as well as teaching and learning activities around the four essential 21st century skills- critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. 

As quoted by Dr Joseph, “Much of education today focuses on building obedience rather than critical thinking skills. We believe critical thinking will help students learn to change and adapt faster in this ever-changing world, especially with technology. It also allows students to ensure the decisions they make in the future are based on facts and logic, and not just based on what they may have learned in the classroom”.

INTI students

INTI students can look forward to exchanging ideas and participating actively in a collaborative groups  (Image via https://newinti.edu.my/)

Dr Joseph also adds that “INTI students do a lot of collaborative learning that not only develops their higher-level thinking skills, but also helps boost their confidence and self-esteem. Meanwhile, group projects maximize the educational experience by allowing them to demonstrate understanding of the material while also improving social and interpersonal skills. Students learn how to work with different types of learners and hone their leadership skills”.

By the same token, when it comes to their learning materials and resources, INTI ensures that the learning materials are benchmarked to top universities in the world through its partnership with global universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Italy and New Zealand. Likewise, INTI students are given seamless transfer opportunities. 

This goes to show that INTI is not only making sure that students are developing the four essential 21st century skills, but the programmes offered are providing students with the practical know-how or tangible skills to become both industry-ready and global graduates.

Mentorship and Guidance

According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet. Therefore, there are two problems that may rise from this situation which all education institutions need to prepare their students for. Firstly is to prepare students for jobs that do not exist and secondly is to prepare students for jobs following the impact of COVID- 19 pandemic where we may see more careers include remote work in future.

INTI being at the forefront of higher education for over three decades have certainly forecasted challenges from difficult situations and have always been committed in providing mentorship and guidance to its students.

One of the primary methods of guiding students to their full potential include teaching them to be independent learners and great researchers. Dr Joseph believes that the ultimate goal of education is to be able to think for oneself and diversify sources of information and learning. Not understanding this would mean that young adults may end up with skills that will soon be outdated and therefore undesirable for future career developments.

Likewise, students at INTI are encouraged to explore their passion and discover their true potential through the right skills, tools and experiences.

INTI lecturers

INTI lecturers are committed in providing students with mentorship and guidance (Image via https://newinti.edu.my/)

Consistent with their ultimate goal of education, the educators of INTI are truly committed in facilitating innovative teaching and learning processes. Students are empowered with the ability to work with smart machines, to process and analyze data for better decision-making, to learn about technologies that impact businesses and manufacturing processes, and to develop professional skills such as adaptability, working with multidisciplinary teams, problem-solving, and a thirst for lifelong learning.

Strategic Networking

The third aspect that INTI takes very seriously is strategic networking for career enhancement. INTI pledge to offer students with study experience that will enrich their personal and professional lives which is why there are numerous measures taken to establish and maintain alliances with strategic industry partners.

Students can benefit from INTI’s more than 450 industry partnerships from world renowned companies like IBM, Microsoft, PwC, Intel, WWF and even LinkedIn to get a foot in the door.

Strategic Networking

INTI 's collaboration with LinkedIn to align their graduates' skills according to future employers demand (Image via https://newinti.edu.my/)

INTI also prepares its students for employability through various internship opportunities and employer projects to gain real-world work experience. Even during these trying times, INTI students have successfully attained 100% internship placements.

Similarly, INTI students are given plenty of exposure and first hand experience on actual business case studies and industry-relevant problems. These projects help them accentuate their skills and better understand concepts they learned in the classroom. Most importantly, it brings them a step closer to their prospective employers.

As Dr Joseph says “The best kind of education is one that will empower students for life. What we offer should be more than just a degree – it should enrich the life and career development of our students with the right skills and attributes to excel at whatever they do, wherever they go. That’s why we’ve taken the lead to champion a whole new learning experience with the benefits of working with our industry partners”.

Needless to say, INTI provides students access to a wealth of resources, technologies, industry best practices and business solutions to give them an extra edge which is also the reason why INTI students get employed within 6 months of graduation and receive higher pay than the average market.

INTI Graduates

At INTI International University, students leave as global graduates (Image via https://newinti.edu.my/)

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