INTEC - UiTM’s new private college offers education for all

Published by on Nov 06, 2013, 12:35 pm

  • INTEC Education College, is a well-known preparatory centre of Mara University of Technology (UiTM). We talk to Associate Professor Dr Yamin Yasin about what’s next for the college and its future students as it recently announced that it was going private.

The entrance to INTEC still reflects the colours of UiTM, but according to Associate Professor Dr Yamin Yasin, INTEC Director for corporate development, this will change as INTEC prepares to take its brand of education to greater heights, as it opens its doors to everyone.

“The college’s new branding is something that’s needed and will be revealed,” says Yamin, adding that the new business model has a broad vision of expanding and growing INTEC. “We want to make INTEC not just a preparatory school, but a college capable of offering undergraduate programmes.”


Yamin discloses that INTEC has plans of setting up a new private university college in the next four to five years. “The programme modules will be developed in-house with a global perspective, but we will be inviting experts from UiTM to help develop it.”

Diploma programmes in business management and public management and governance will be available. The diploma programmes, currently awaiting Malaysian Qualifications Agency approval, are estimated at roughly RM30,000.

Quality education uncompromised

Presently, INTEC accommodates 700 students most of which are government scholars, and about 50 self-sponsored students. For the upcoming January intake, the college hopes to have another 200 self-sponsored, including non-bumiputera students.

As education becomes a business at INTEC, there is this notion that commercialisation could compromise the quality of education because the focus would go on gaining profits. According to Yamin, as steward of the government’s scholars, that is will not happen.

“There’s a general assumption that once we go commercial the quality of education will suffer. We ensure that won’t happen because we take great care for these scholars,” he said.

INTEC follows a teacher-student ratio of 1:25 and uses English as its medium of instruction. It has about 80 lecturers, and 30 of them are loaned from UiTM. Lectures that are directly hired by the college are carefully screened based on UiTM’s hiring criteria.

New pre-u and diploma programmes

Next year, besides a present programmes; an array of new programmes await students. For its July and September intake, INTEC will offer A-level German specifically for those keen to study engineering in Germany, a Middle East foundation programme (for medicine and dentistry) and a Japanese technology foundation programme.

“Germany tends be a very inexpensive country to study in, and many universities do not charge a tuition fees at all,” says Yamin.

Students enrolled in this foundation programme take a 22-month course together with German Language conducted at INTEC by native German speakers. At the end of the course, students go through examinations to determine their proficiency of the language.

Meanwhile, those interested to take up dentistry and medicine can explore Jordan, another education destination that is becoming popular among Americans. Students will have to undergo four months of foundation course at INTEC.

Nevertheless, the Japan technology foundation programme requires students to take a 2-year of sciences and language courses. The lecturers are a combination of locals who speak fluent Japanese and native Japanese lecturers.

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