INTEC’s American Degree Transfer & A-Level Can Now Be Transferred to Lakehead University, Canada

Published by Afterschool.my on Jan 25, 2018, 01:13 am

INTEC Education College and Lakehead University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently. INTEC Chief Executive Prof. Dr Yamin Yasin and Lakehead University President & Vice-Chansellor Dr Brian Stevenson signed the MoU.

Degree Transfer MoUBoth parties wish to collaborate in planning for developing and establishing opportunities for their students and faculty at Lakehead University (LU) as well as INTEC Education College (INTEC). The goals of the partnership are to explore ways to encourage and facilitate international education opportunities for their students and seeking to promote the process of internalization at their respective institutions.

INTEC as a globally recognized institution wishes to allow students to pursue their undergraduate studies anywhere in the world. We are extremely proud to be partnered with a 50-year- old top tier Canadian Institution of higher learning.

INTEC students who are undertaking American Degree Transfer Programme and A-Level have the opportunity to earn an LU undergraduate degree on the basis on twinning programme (e.g 2 + 2) with terms and conditions apply. Besides that, a special offer given by LU to students who are currently studying at INTEC taking American Degree Transfer or A-Level, they are eligible to be receiving additional scholarship worth of CAD2,000 on top of the existing scholarship of up to CAD 30,000. This offer is applicable to the 10 students based on academic nominations.

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