Important Tips You Should Know Before Selecting a Private University to Further Your Studies

Published by on Jun 07, 2021, 03:15 pm

The common negative perception that revolves around private university (IPTS) and studying in private universities (IPTS) is that you are not competent enough. To this day, you can still hear people saying that studying in private universities (IPTS) means you didn’t perform well enough in your public exams and that you have failed UPU due to high competition. This is not true and there are many other reasons why students often prefer to enrol themselves in private universities.

Here are the primary reasons why most students opt to further their studies in private university

  • The courses offered meet the needs of the current & future industries
  • Comprehensive learning facilities provided
  • Direct exposure to industry related courses taken
  • High potential to get a job after graduation
  • Opportunity Strengthen English language proficiency
  • Opportunity to pursue studies abroad through the Twinning Program with low fees

Yes, no doubt, fees are expensive, but is it true that private universities are all about making profits? Only people who are less ingenious would claim that private universities are all about profit. Did you know that the fees at public universities (IPTA) are partly funded by the government ? If there is no education subsidy, the total cost of study for the field offered is the same.

Some of you may get easily deceived by the cheap tuition fee offered in some private universities that is ceases you from thinking about the potential of the course taken after graduation. Where will it lead you to and are there any prospective employers who would be interested to hire you? Will the education be meaningful enough to help you grow to your full potential? Hence, it is crucial that you make a proper judgment and think of the long term before you select a university.

Tips for Choosing the Right Private University (IPTS)

The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) recently revealed that many students have been scammed to studying unaccredited courses by authorized recruiting agents. This syndicate is lead by authorized agents that are appointed by the higher education institutions, and they offer students unaccredited courses in order to gain more profit. To make sure that you don’t make a mistake when selecting a private university, here is a checklist that you must know before making such important decisions:

  • The private university (IPTS) is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education (review of the latest registered IPTS
  • The course of study offered is still valid (Can be referenced in the checklist of registered IPTS: certificate of registration)
  • Courses of study are accredited by MQA (MQA review guide)
  • The fee structure is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Complete and suitable facilities and infrastructure
  • Courses of study are recognized by the PSD (Public Service Department) (Review of PSD recognition)
  • Listed in SETARA Rating (for IPTS with university college or university level) or MyQuest (for private colleges) for university quality level value (Review of SETARA Rating refer to the official portal of the university/college)

All the above recommendations are tips issued by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. The Department of Higher Education also recommends that students examine the following to choose the most suitable IPTS:

  • Check and understand the terms and conditions set by the IPTS.
  • Visit the IPTS first to see the real condition.
  • Avoid being influenced by all sorts of offers and advertisements published in the press (such as money loans, allowance, free laptops and so on).

We hope that this article will to some extent prevent you from being cheated by any irresponsible IPTS. Make sure that it is worth the educational investment made.

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