If You Have A Creative Flair, then this is the Path for You

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 31, 2022, 04:44 pm

Are you a movie buff who blurts out passionate lines and dreams of producing your own film one day? Or do you have an eye for design, feeling waves of energy when you stroke your digital pen on a Wacom tablet?

Then this is your opportunity to bring your inner passion to the next level and lock your future career in the creative field. 

MMU offers creative multimedia programmes, for the artistic minds who wish to further their knowledge and build expertise in the industry of their dreams. MMUs degrees have won awards and are practical and industry-ready, enabling you to have a significant and long-lasting effect in the creative sector. We aim to provide our students with knowledge and skills and are dedicated to an active and dynamic learning environment.

A cutting-edge faculty, the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) combines academic research with considerable creative digital production. MMU is now at the forefront of creative multimedia education in Malaysia thanks to its tried-and-true methodology.

FCM, which is a part of Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor, was involved in the initial attempt to be a pioneer in developing creative, technologically savvy, and creative talent. As a result, FCM was the first faculty to design its programmes with the digital creative content sector in mind. 

Before becoming a faculty in 2013 (the Faculty of Cinematic Arts), one of the programmes offered was cinematic arts (FCA). The two faculties are made up of researchers and industry experts from various backgrounds who work in the art and design fields.

Students will enjoy various facilities, including Sound Stage, MMU Cinema, Filming Studio, and Astro Lab, to enhance their learning process. 

Programmes that we offer:

  • Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (Hons.) 
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Advertising Design
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons) Animation
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Interface Design
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Media Arts
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Virtual Reality
  • Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Visual Effects

Tap into the world of creative arts, and start your academic journey today.

For further info, please visit: https://www.mmu.edu.my/intake/creative

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