IACT College Convocation 2017

Published by Afterschool.my on May 25, 2017, 04:24 pm

It was a proud day for students, parents and lecturers as IACT College celebrated its convocation on May 20th, 2017. Held at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya, the 208 graduates from the Certificate in Communication Studies, Foundation in Media Studies, Diploma and Degree programmes in Communication, Advertising, Graphic Design, Multimedia and Broadcasting were splendid in their robes anticipating and celebrating a moment of relief on the completion of their studies.

Victoriya Titova, IACT College 2017 valedictorian delivered an inspirational and poignant speech to fellow graduates in addressing the challenges of facing the many uncertainties after college.  “College has shown me that being uncertain is very much like having a blank sheet of paper or an empty page in a book. If you can get rid of the expectation you have on how that sheet of paper or empty page should turn out like - you’ll get some pretty spectacular results most of the time.”

“What I’m here to say is that this uncertainty is what makes it all worthwhile - the power we have to change or not to change for that matter, our situation and our perspective, of not only our surroundings but also of our innermost selves. This uncertainty means that we can create almost anything we envision, and perhaps even make a positive difference.”

Victoriya Titova majored in Graphic Design because she believes that design is universal to people around the world despite the language barrier. This 21-year old Russian student would like her designs to help others communicate and express ideas freely. Victoriya recently picked up a Gold Award at the 2017 Malaysian sCooler’s Awards for Best Art Direction and is now pursuing her degree in Advertising and Design.

Executive Chairman Raja Singham and Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Chan, officiated the ceremony while this year’s keynote address privilege was given to Freda Liu, Producer and Announcer of BFM Radio.

Alongside Victoriya, eight other graduates, Chong Kern Wei, Aaron Kumar Isaac, Mohammad Fawwaz bin Zaharuddin Fikri, Mark Mabel, Matthew Alexander Kurian, Muhammad Adib Syazwan bin Mat Isa, Veshaal Menon Venu Gopal, Vaenthan Chellandy were also awarded by the industry for their remarkable achievements in their creative study fields. The sponsors for the awards are Infiniskills, Bit Forge, University of Gloucestershire, RMIT University, Brickfields Asia College, University of Hertfordshire, Shopper360 Sdn Bhd, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad and Silverlake Sprints Sdn Bhd.

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