How to Recover Your Lost SPM or STPM Certificate

Published by on Jun 04, 2021, 02:47 pm

The loss of an important document can be very distressing.  Whether we lose it due to negligence or even a catastrophic flood or house burning, there are no excuses good enough to explain the lost of such important documents especially when you are applying for a job or university application. If you think that its not possible to recover or retrieve a lost document, you are wrong. There is always a way to retrieve these important documents and today we are here to guide you on how to retrieve your academic certificates (SPM, PMR/ PT3, UPSR). 

Application at the Malaysian Examination Syndicate counter, Putrajaya

Applicants must fill in the form LP / CERTIFICATE / Pin 1 / 96a that could be retrieved at the MES Certificate Service Counter (LP) at the Ground Floor, Block E11, Complex E, Putrajaya OR download by CLICKING HERE: EXAMINATION RESULTS APPLICATION FORM.

  • Applicants who are present at the counter must present identification documents as proof when making a Copy of Examination Result Application.
  • If the applicant is unable to attend, the applicant can appoint a representative in writing consisting of immediate family members.
  • The appointed representative must bring along the Letter of Appointment of the Representative signed by the applicant along with a certified copy of the applicant's identity card. (Applicant can download the appointment letter and it can be found in the examination result application form)
  • Applications through individuals without a Letter of Appointment of Representatives, agents or certain companies are not allowed
  • A processing fee of RM30.00 (Ringgit: Thirty only) is charged for each copy of the examination result statement and can be paid in cash at the counter.


Applications by mail must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • LP / CERTIFICATE / Pin 1 / 96a application form (such as applicant through LP counter)
  • Copy of applicant's identity card
  • Postal Order, Money Order or Bank draft in the name of the EXAMINATION DIRECTOR worth RM 30.00. (Private checks are not accepted).
  • Compile and mail all the required documents to the following address:


How long will it take?

Application through LP COUNTER

  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) on or after 1994 - one (1) hour
  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) on or before 1993 - seven (7) working days
  • Lower Secondary Assessment (PMR) on or after 1998 - one (1) hour
  • Lower Secondary Assessment (PMR) on or before 1997 - seven (7) working days
  • Other exams - seven (7) working days

For your information, the Examination Board does not issue copies of UPSR and PT3 reports. Applicants are advised to contact the school. Incomplete applications will not be processed, be sure to check the complete application. We hope that these information will help you in retrieving a new exam certificate. 

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