How to Pick the Right Undergraduate Course That You Won’t Regret

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It’s a common worry among school leavers on what undergraduate course they should choose before enrolling into university. Even working professionals feel this way when they are considering courses that would help them advance their careers.

Course Selection

One thing is for sure, your decision should be based on what YOU want and not what other people told you to study.

So how should you start searching? One of the best ways is to first know what interests you. Try answering this quiz to see where your interests lie:

Now that you’ve identified where your interests lie, it’s time to start planning everything from scratch.

Research, research, research


With so many universities available in Malaysia, it’s easy for a prospective student like yourself to get overwhelmed and confused. What you must do is list down several universities that spark your interest and see if they offer the course that you want to enrol in.

Look into the details of each course. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Does the course cover modules that are relevant to you? Do the universities include any info regarding the assessments? What are the minimum requirements you need to achieve to apply for this course?

Are there any job placement opportunities, field trips, or experiences that would benefit your studies or career prospects if you apply for this course?

Being able to answer the above questions will help you into better understanding what would be a better fit for your needs. Browse through the online forums and blogs to find out what current students and graduates think about the course and the university you're considering.

Attend open days 

Open days are the best opportunities to learn about what life as a student can be at the respective universities. You might even meet your potential course mates and lecturers during the open day.

While visiting the institution, you might want to take a look at the many accommodation alternatives available. Remember, it's not only about the on-campus facilities that you need to take note of. In many situations, living outside the university compound can also a rewarding student experience.

However, with the pandemic situation showing slow signs of improvement, many universities are opting to hold their open days virtually. Take advantage of that! This way, you can check out your preferred university safely from the comfort of your home.

Follow Your Passion


The people around you might try to influence your undergraduate choice but be careful not to ignore your personal feelings, thoughts and interests.

If you choose to enrol in an undergraduate course that you enjoy, you are more likely to push yourself harder to achieve the result that you desire in your studies. You'll also feel more contented in pursuing a career that you want.

Plus, when you encounter a significant challenge (believe us, you WILL), you'll feel so much better knowing you're going to accomplish something because of passion rather than by force.


Now that you’re well aware of the first step when choosing your preferred undergraduate course, here’s what you need to do next – considering your options.

One institution that you might want to check out is Multimedia University (MMU). Established in 1996 and the first private university approved by the Malaysian government, MMU has a wide array of undergraduate courses that you can choose from.

MMU also equips you with a strong academic curriculum that is industry-ready. Here is the list of bachelor programmes you can take a look at:

Career prospects: Data Scientist, Intelligent Software Developer, AI Consultant, Knowledge Engineer, Software Engineer, and Web Analyst.

Career prospects: SAP Specialist, Data Scientist, Computer Scientist, IT Auditor, Knowledge Engineer, Business Intelligence Consultant, IT Business Analyst and Web Analyst

Career prospects: ERP Consultant, Business Data Analytics, ERP Support Executive, Business Process Consultant, IT Consultant, IT Manager, Mobile App developer, Database Administrator.

Career prospects: Robotics System Designer/Programmer, AI and Machine Learning Developer, Embedded System Designer, Control and Automation Specialist, Field Application Technologist, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designer, Production and Planning Engineer, Industry 4.0 Technologist

Career Prospects: Modeller, Texturing Artist, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Rigging Artist, Technical Director, Creative Director, Designer, Screenwriter, Concept Artist, Compositor, Art Director, Lighting Artist, Render Artist, 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Editor

Career Prospects: Film Director, Film Producer, Scriptwriter, Film Editor, Film & Television Production, Television Programming, Showrunner, Advertising, Post Production, Screenwriting for Film & Television, Documentary Filmmaking, Film Education, Culture & Creative Industry.

You can browse through the website for more bachelor programmes that are available at MMU!

Does any of these courses intrigue you? Well, what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW! MMU’s latest September intake is now OPEN! (Last date of application 6 October).


Perks of applying at MMU? Zero processing fee! That’s right. Certain universities may have imposed a certain amount to process your application but with MMU, it should be the least of your worry.

Another good news is MMU also offers various scholarships and financial aids for high-achieving and underprivileged students so that you can continue your tertiary education journey without worrying about the following semester’s tuition fees.

Yes, choosing the right undergraduate course can be difficult but with enough research and preparation, making a smart choice is possible with MMU. After all, MMU is the education group for Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia’s biggest telecommunications company.

“MMU is YOU, Leading the Digital Future”

Click HERE for more info on MMU.

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