How To Get a 10% Discount From PTPTN in 14 Easy Steps

Published by Afterschool.my on Jul 25, 2017, 05:26 pm

PTPTN has been the subject of much debate in recent times, with many benefiting from their invaluable loans, and others lamenting the appearance of their names on the blacklist due to noncompliance with the agreed upon payment dates. While it would be pointless to point the finger as there are numerous factors involved, PTPTN recently launched a new method for paying them back called Direct Debit Online. The incentive to use this new method? A sweet 10% discount off the amount you owe them! So here are each of the steps you must follow to register for the new Direct Debit System (all pictures/screenshots are via PTPTN's Facebook page): 

Step 1: Visit the official PTPTN website and click on the 'Permohonan Direct Debit' button 

Step 2: Proceed to click on the 'Mohon Direct Debit Pinjaman' button 

Step 3: Fill in your IC number in the space provided 

Step 4: Choose one of the two options that are displayed 

Step 5

  • If you selected 'Pinjaman Kovensional', then login using your IC number and Loan number.
  • If you selected 'Pembiayaan Ujrah', then login using your IC number and password.


Step 6

  • After successfully logging in, you will either see your statement (Penayata Baki) - Pinjaman Konvensional
  • After successfully logging in, you will have to click on 'Penyata Baki' - Pinjaman Umrah


Step 7: Click 'Pendaftaran untuk Direct Debit' 

Step 8: Click on 'Permohonan Baru'


Step 9 : Click on 'Mohon'


Step 10

  • Fill in the necessary blanks; phone number, personal email address, monthly amount
  • Tick the 'Pengesahan Maklulamt' & 'Terma & Syarat' boxes
  • Click on the 'SIMPAN' button

Step 11

  • Check to ensure the information displayed is accurate
  • Then click on the 'Pengesahan Maklumat Bank' button


Step 12

  • Click on 'Pilih Senarai Bank'
  • Fill in your personal e-mail address
  • Tick the verification box
  • Click on 'Bayar dengan FPX'


Step 13A receipt should be displayed upon successful completion of payment via FPX


Step 14 : Your are done! You may print successful payments

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