How to Find Interns That Can Work from Home and You Don’t Need to Pay

Published by on Oct 23, 2020, 02:34 pm

As of October 2020, the Malaysian government announced that Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya must undergo Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) in light of the increasing amount of COVID-19 cases in several districts within the Klang Valley. Coincidentally, these locations are the hub of Malaysia’s economy, housing top established companies as well as aspiring start-ups.

While CMCO won’t halt the country’s economic operations, it definitely affects how companies can hire interns as candidates are advised to remain home while classes commerce online, and if they must complete their internship for academic credits, it must be done remotely.

In other words, you might need to hire virtual interns.

A virtual internship is when an intern works remotely, either from home or anywhere that isn’t the office. Hiring interns to work remotely has various advantages:

Cost effective

Virtual internships can help companies save money.

Virtual interns don’t use office supplies and even come with their own equipment, an instant money saver for you! The only investment required from you is your time and mentorship to guide them through their projects and tasks.

And in these trying times, you can also consider unpaid internships if you really want to cut down on the budget. Hear us out! If the interns are doing the work while at home, it makes sense to offer an unpaid internship since they won’t be needing the money to commute to work, pay house rental or buy food. Offering candidates to work from home also increases the chance to attract more candidates, which means more potentially good interns to help you!

This is especially applicable for candidates who are looking for an internship as an academic requirement to graduate. Just something to consider.

Saves time and increases productivity

Virtual interns are usually flexible and accommodating to your schedule.

Virtual interns are usually flexible and accommodating to your schedule.

A virtual intern is great if companies are looking for help to handle per-project work. As long as you guarantee an intern a firm number of hours per week or month, you can assign projects to be completed remotely as they arise which saves a lot of time on your part as well as the intern.    

When a traditional intern finishes a task, they stick around, expecting that there is always more work when, sometimes, there just isn’t. Virtual interns can clock out when they finish their tasks and back in when they’re needed.                                     The internet has also made things more efficient thus increasing productivity. No matter where the intern is, as long as they have good internet connection, productivity should remain at maximum as resources are available online.

Tap into a wider pool of interns

The best part about virtual interns is that you can find them literally everywhere!

The wider the pool to choose your candidates from, the bigger the talent. The ability to work in this way means that there are less restrictions in terms of distance and location with regard to commuting to a physical office space. Your future intern could be from foreign country, you might never know! Plus, the diversity of ideas and backgrounds will create richer project environments and more intuitive solutions.

If carried out effectively, virtual interns have the incredible capacity to expand your workforce, diversify your recruitment and increase your productivity, while costing you exactly nothing at all!

But where can you find internship candidates?

Start your search for the right internship candidate with Hungry Intern, Malaysia’s leading online internship website.

Syncho Lab is currently looking for virtual interns!

At Hungry Intern, finding a virtual intern is easy! Syncho Lab posted an internship position looking for candidates willing to work from home with a negotiable pay, and the features of the website allows employers to filter through candidates with ease.

Upon clicking the “APPLY” button, candidates will be asked questions including their willingness to work from home and consider negotiable pay. With this feature, only candidates who choose “YES” to the following questions will be filtered for employers to browse and find the perfect intern for the job!

Hungry Intern also allows employers to filter candidates based on sector, academic level, expected allowances, location, age, and gender. This website will also immediately notify employers when the position they posted are receiving applications.

Melissa is a candidate looking for an internship on Hungry Intern.

Hungry Intern is a great internship website for candidates too! Candidates can create their own profile and apply for an internship position and the employers can contact them via Hungry Intern. Oh, and if a specific internship position matches with the candidate's profile, a notification will be sent immediately through email!

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