How to Find Companies that Offer High Allowances for Interns

Published by on Oct 23, 2020, 11:43 am

When looking for an internship, a few factors come into play. The location of the office, what the job entails and last but not least, the amount they offer. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not offer attractive allowances for their internship position.

In the current situation, candidates must know their value when applying for internships by looking for companies that offer high allowances. It’s only sensible! Interns have their own lives, and they also need to pay for transportation, meals and even house rental.

So, as a candidate currently looking for an internship position, how can you go about finding one that has an attractive allowance?

Research, research, research!

Research well to find the perfect company for your internship!

Diligent research will take you far and thanks to the internet, it isn’t that impossible. When looking for an internship position, be sure to check whether the company lists out a salary range. If it’s undisclosed unless you log in, make an account so you can check out what they have to offer for your internship.

Sometimes, companies may also simply list the salary as “negotiable”. That’s a pretty good sign too.

But looking through so many websites just to do your research on salaries sounds like a hassle, right? Well, upon further research on our side, discovered the perfect and easiest website for you to do this.

Compare internship salaries with Hungry Intern!

At Hungry Intern, you can filter through the companies based on salary/allowance immediately, without having to go through each job posting one by one.

Filter through Hungry Intern with ease!

You can also filter through the companies based on the sector you wish to work for as well as the location and qualifications! Super convenient, right?

Find companies that are worth investing

Remember, while you may be inexperienced, you need to be smart about choosing the companies that you will invest your time and work to. The point of an internship is to gain industry experience and knowledge and a good company that values their interns will pay them accordingly.

Besides, if you perform extremely well during your internship with these companies, you have a higher chance of being hired permanently!

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