How KYUEM Paved the Way for Yuganesh’s Engineering Success

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Despite his allegiance to the Arsenal Football Club, Yuganesh Gopala Krishnan’s academic journey unexpectedly led him to the bustling streets of Manchester, owing to his start at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM).

A 29-year-old professional currently navigating the world of engineering with MMC Engineering, Yuganesh has traversed a path not merely linear but one etched with resilience, determination and a hint of adventure. He built a solid foundation at KYUEM, akin to the piles that support skyscrapers, to navigate through the UK’s prestigious university.

Upon completing the government examination at the end of his secondary education, Yuganesh applied for numerous scholarships to study abroad. His efforts were rewarded with a full scholarship from MMC Corporation in Mechanical Engineering. As part of the agreement, he was required to complete his A-levels at the highly reputable KYUEM institution.

Yuganesh scored 9A+ before he enrolled at KYUEM to pursue his A-Levels.

“Transitioning from a day school during my secondary education to a boarding school for my A-levels was a different experience,” he says.

However, living close to classmates and teachers fostered a strong sense of community, which helped him settle into the fully residential educational institution. He was also surrounded by the nation’s brightest minds, representing various recognised sponsors in their pursuit of obtaining a tertiary education overseas.

Life at KYUEM

KYUEM is a premier Malaysian residential college specialising in delivering high-calibre pre-university education. It prides itself on providing the ideal preparation and training to enter the world’s top universities. Situated just 70 kilometres away from the capital city of Malaysia, the lovely 50-acre campus provides all the necessities for a motivated and intelligent young person to grow intellectually, socially and independently.

Beyond the classroom, students can pursue hobbies, engage in extracurricular activities, or unwind in the serene Saad Square. The diverse faculty, including experienced expatriates, enriches the learning experience, while KYUEM’s pastoral care system ensures students receive academic and personal support. With dedicated house parents, a sick bay and vigilant wardens, students feel secure and well-cared for within the college community.

Being in a close-knit community, Yuganesh's peers played a crucial role in helping him choose universities and plan for the application processes, which involved writing personal statements and preparing for interviews.


Although television is not provided in student villas, common TV rooms foster social interaction, while laundry services simplify everyday tasks. Transportation options, including college buses and organised weekend trips to nearby destinations, enhance connectivity and provide recreational opportunities. Meals are served three times daily in the dining hall, supplemented by a convenient on-campus café.

“In the evenings, I enjoy a quick jog around the campus and hit the weights at the gym,” Yuganesh says. He also participates in activities organised by the House of Diamond such as fundraising, football friendlies and Bangsawan nights.

Progressing through A-levels

Yuganesh excelled academically during his A-levels, taking on Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Computing. His remarkable 3A* and 1A achievements showcased his dedication and laid a solid foundation for his future engineering career. “Students pursuing engineering degrees typically choose similar combinations, with some opting for Chemistry as their fourth subject instead of Computing.”

He also undertook English in the first semester, essential for meeting the language proficiency requirements for overseas study. “My English teacher, Ms. Jessie Beham, was a native speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed all her classes.”

Yuganesh studied four subjects: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, and Computing, ultimately achieving 3A* and 1A.


KYUEM was pivotal in facilitating Yuganesh’s admission to the University of Manchester. From the experienced hand of Ms. Kasturi Thilaga, overseeing university relations, to the personalised mentorship of Mr. Colin Dant, the path became clearer and more navigable. The community ethos of KYUEM proved invaluable as peers collaborated in selecting universities and refining application strategies. The institution’s proactive engagement with alumni networks provided plenty of insights and perspectives, facilitating informed decisions on course selections and tailored applications.      

Yuganesh’s choice of studying Mechanical Engineering was not due to his innate passion for the specific programme but rather his gravitating towards engineering in general which aligns with his curious-minded and analytical personality. “The decision to take up Mechanical Engineering was driven by its versatility and flexibility for venturing into other career fields later in my journey.”

The courses covered in his programme aligned seamlessly with his interests, further solidifying his determination to pursue the degree.

Yuganesh, who pursued Mechanical Engineering at The University of Manchester, graduated in 2019 with a first-class honour.  

Shaping Success: KYUEM’s Impact on Yuganesh’s Journey

At KYUEM, Yuganesh honed crucial skills and qualities that have shaped his university and career journey. Emphasising independence, the institution facilitated a smooth transition to university life abroad, instilling a profound sense of responsibility and discipline in him

The college has a unique ‘house’ concept where students are divided into four houses where they will work together to collect points for their respective houses through various activities. “The house concept at KYUEM helped to build a sense of camaraderie among us,” Yuganesh says.

Academically, KYUEM encourages humility while nurturing a competitive spirit, inspiring students to excel. Surrounded by the nation’s brightest minds, Yuganesh embraced the challenge, striving for excellence and witnessing peers achieve remarkable feats. Most students at KYUEM consistently maintain their academic prowess across all subjects.

While the expectations may be daunting, Yuganesh finds empowerment and motivation in these accomplishments. He lives by the motto, “Be the hardest worker in the room, but even if you’re not, ensure you outwork your previous efforts and progress toward your goal.”

Currently, Yuganesh works as a Project Manager at MMC Engineering, focusing on project management in the construction sector.

Advice for Aspiring A-Level Students at KYUEM

For students considering pursuing their A-Levels at KYUEM, Yuganesh offers valuable wisdom. “My advice to the young aspiring students would be to set a clear goal and work towards it consistently.”

By setting clear goals and committing to consistent work, students can maximise their time and effectively progress toward their desired outcomes. According to him, the supportive environment and strong sense of community at KYUEM play significant roles in helping students achieve their objectives.

Yuganesh reflects fondly on his journey, from his time at KYUEM to his studies at the University of Manchester and his current role as a Project Manager with MMC Engineering in the construction sector. “A special thanks to my sponsors, MMC Corporation, for providing me the platform to grow and embark on this journey with them since 2013.”

As an avid Arsenal fan, he cherishes memories of exploring football stadiums across Europe during his time in the UK despite being surrounded by rival supporters. With each experience, Yuganesh finds fulfilment in personal and professional endeavours, embodying the spirit of perseverance and passion instilled in him during his formative years at KYUEM.

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