Here’s why KYUEM Is The Best A-Level School For You To Enroll

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 03, 2022, 04:57 pm

Have you ever dreamed of furthering your education in the US, UK and top Ivy League universities in the world? To achieve those dreams, you’ll need to pass with flying colours in your A-levels; which can only be achieved through obtaining the best education materials and learning system. 

KYUEM is known as a top choice for A-level studies, as the university has held its reputation in producing students with outstanding exam results, ultimately leading to higher chances of these students getting into top universities abroad by choice. 

Seven KYUEM students will enrol at Oxbridge this year, the most famous prestigious universities in the world - five at the University of Oxford and two at the University of Cambridge. 

The A-level students at KYUEM have proven that they can defy all odds, as they successfully outperformed all prior examination grades during 2020 even with the existence of Covid-19 pandemic that has forced schools and colleges worldwide to forcase students' performance at a lower default. 

In 2021, KYUEM's students achieved their best A-Level grades, with the thought that their limit had been reached. However, this year, KYUEM's students surpassed that record, with 210 graduating students collectively sitting for 749 A Levels. The data in Figures 1a and 1b below show elite student performances and reflect grade requirements for top international universities. 

Every year, the same seven critical data sets are compared and published. In August, KYUEM learnt that its graduating students' complete A-Level examination grades exceeded 2021 in all seven categories identified. In some instances, the differences were substantial, showing huge contrast – 49% A* in 2021 increased to 59% A* grades in 2022; 32% of 2021 graduating students achieved at least 3A* grades, while this year, that number increased to 48%.

Six out of seven of its 2022 headline data surpassed the predicted grade data of 2020, previously thought to be an unachievable target.

This year's examination record achievements are essentially due to six of 11 A-Level subject departments gaining their highest average scores over the past five years, with five of these six subject departments recording over 80% A* or A grades for their students (see Figure 2). 

Among 210 of KYUEM's graduating senior students  – 3 students achieved 5A* or A, 42 earned 4A*, 89 achieved 4A or better, 57 completed 3A*, and 154 achieved 3A or better.

In 2022, 91.67% of graduating senior students met the requirements of their firm or insurance university conditional offers. To set this in context, the students usually apply to the top UK universities of the Russell Group. About 51% will enrol in top London universities (LSE, King's College London, Imperial College London and University College London) and Oxbridge. The final destinations of all graduating students will not be known until late October. 

This year KYUEM saw their most tremendous success in American university placements, with 16 graduating students selecting the United States as their first-choice destination for higher education, including six students studying at Ivy League universities such as Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, another eight students will be joining University of California Berkeley or Los Angeles or San Diego, while the two remaining students will enrol at Stanford and Johns Hopkins Universities.

With these remarkable results, A-level students in KYUEM deserve all the praise where credit is due; Want to join them and enter world-class universities abroad?. Enrol in KYUEM and start your educational journey today.

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