Henry Gurney School for Young Offenders: A Compilation of True Crime Stories

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Ever heard of Henry Gurney school for young offenders? Henry gurney is a school established in 1949 under Malaysian Juvenile Court. Young offenders between the age of 14-21 years old are locked up in this school. It is located in several states across Malaysia but the popular one would be the one in Malacca city where both girls and boys are enrolled.

If you are curious as to what kind of crimes could get a kid into Henry Gurney school, you would be surprised to read several stories we have compiled here.

1. Murder

Among all of the murder cases, this story has managed to gain the sympathy of many and is one of the most popular murder cases of all time. A 13 year old boy apparently went to his tuition teacher’s house only to find that the teacher was out and will be arriving late. He was left alone with the teacher’s daughter who then verbally abused and bullied him by calling him “fatty”. This was not the first time, hence the boy who had lost his mind at that moment murdered the girl by stabbing her over 20 times and slashing her with kitchen knives. He served 4 years in prison and was then set free.

2. Rape

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2 years ago, this story was reported in several local news. A 17 year old boy was found guilty for rape and was sentenced to be sent to Henry Gurney until the age 21. The boy had raped a 14 year old girl who also studied in the same school. They had just met a week before and dated thrice outside the school before the incident took place at a mall in Kuching. He forced himself on the girl despite her refusal. She then informed her mother and they proceeded to make a police report.

3. House Breaking

With over 145,000 followers on Tiktok, a 22 year old man now shares his experience as a former student in Henry Gurney. He was addicted to drugs like morphine and ecstasy as young as age 12. He would steal money and get the drugs from friends who supplied them. In 2016, he was arrested for breaking and entering into a house. It was a turning point in his life as he was sent to Henry Gurney. He then managed to score 5A’s in SPM and is now in the aviation sector.

Education does not stop in Henry Gurney. The young offenders will continue their education, attend classes and sit for high stake examinations like SPM. Most importantly, Henry Gurney focuses on character building, discipline, other essential life skills, and religion. This may come as a surprise but many young offenders who got released from Henry Gurney are now pretty successful.

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