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Published by Afterschool.my on Nov 11, 2021, 02:23 pm

By Mohamad Ammar Bin Mohamad Jamel 

Greetings from INTEC Education College!

Recently, with our strong partnership with ICDL Foundation, we have added an EXTRA CREDENTIAL to every student who studies Diploma, Pre-University & Professional Accountancy programme in our college.

However, not many know what ICDL is.

ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification with 16 million people engaged with the programme in over 100 countries!

Many jobs now entail the use of technology. This requirement continues to grow, even in sectors considered traditional or non-technical. Online tools and mobile apps today perform a huge range of functions which were once paper based.

The workplace is digital, and in today’s competitive environment, employers highly value digital skills. Having the certified ability to use devices and tools confidently and productively is an effective way for workers to set themselves apart.

“… in the near future, 90% of jobs — in careers such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, art, architecture, and many more — will require some degree of digital skills.”

— Andrus Ansip, European Commission Vice President for Digital Single Market, ‘Digital skills, jobs and the need to get more Europeans online’

At INTEC, we believe with this credential, students will have higher marketability as ICDL is now recognized throughout Asia, aligned with the necessary important computer skills in many fields of work.

Here, we offer  few combinations of ICDL modules that we believe are the best for students to enroll such as:

1. Application Essentials

The Application Essentials module covers the main concepts and skills needed to start using common office productivity applications — documents, spreadsheets, and presentations — effectively.

2. Project Planning

The Project Planning module covers the main skills needed to use project management software when managing projects. This includes preparing, monitoring, and overseeing different elements of a project such as time, costs, tasks, resources, priorities, and collaborators.

3. Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing module covers the main concepts and skills of digital marketing, such as creating a web presence, optimizing content for search engines, using social media platforms, selling online, different types of advertising, as well as monitoring and improving campaigns using analytics. 

4. Big Data

This module introduces Big Data, a term which relates to the management and analysis of sets of data that are typically too large for traditional data-processing software.

ICDL Certification modules also introduce younger students to develop the digital skills for necessary for the studies and life. Besides, the implementation of ICDL into INTEC curriculum gives our students the edge of the modern workplace and as preparations for their future career. This is a much-added value for fresh graduates to get into the workplace.

To further complement this, digital e-Badge and e-Certificate technology automates the process of modules verification. In today's competitive environment, fresh graduates and employers alike expect digital skills to be recognized by a credible digital badge and certificate. In addition, social sharing of digital badges drive referral, and the "stacking" of badges are common practice to illustrate skills accumulation and act as a strong credential to further learning.


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