Gen Z's Takes the Fun on Stage During Their Graduation Ceremony

Published by Afterschool.my on Dec 14, 2022, 04:27 pm

We think it’s fair to claim that Gen Z’s are constantly changing the course of traditions, and making it entirely their own; part of that is adding a dash of fun into their convocation ceremony!

Besides, why so serious? You’re finally graduating, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! After all those midnight crunches, last-minute assignments, and gathering in your friends’ bedrooms for some intense quizzing sessions; you’ve made it. The only valid reaction would be to enjoy yourself on stage when you’re finally taking that scroll!

With all of these Gen Z’s creating their own memorable moments on stage, here are some of the student’s takes that manage to turn heads and woo the crowd :-)

1) The Sneaky Smoulder Boi

UiTM graduate, Imran Khaliq Mohd Khairizal shared a cheeky moment on stage when he showed a smoulder expression on camera briefly after taking his scroll (looks like Flynn Rider has a tight opponent now!). Props to the meme-worthy lad, and congrats on your graduation!

2) The Classic Curtsy Princess 

”Can We Hear A Little Commotion For The Curtsy?” Hanni Syafiqah binti Kamaruzaman from UniSZA took an elegant curtsy with her convocation robe before she walked to the centre stage for her defining moment, when she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations with Honors. The lecturer sitting at her right side was also caught surprised and smiling at her little act! 

3) The Flying Kiss Lead

Sulaiman Lutfi Sapno managed to light up the room with a flying kiss to the crowd, during his big main character moment at UiTM’s 95th convocation recently. When Sulaiman’s name was announced, the audience (or should we say fans) immediately cheered, like a celeb walking down the red carpet! *yasss slay*

4) The Trendy TikTok Star

All the way from UPSI, Siti Syahilla Ayunie binti Awang brings her 'ayu' cuteness on stage with a 3 second TikTok trending dance move. The dance move is initiated by Neymar Jr, the famous Brazilian football player called the #neymartrend. The snippet of her little dance went viral on her platform, with comments saying, “among all the convo moments so far, I find hers the most adorable!!! I’ve repeated it many times.” 

5) The “Sasageyo” Salute 

Attack on Titan avid fans would know the Shinzou Wo Sasageyo song by heart, and the fist-to-chest motion made by troops as soon as the word “Sasageyo” is spoken. Nathan Jeremiah A/L Thulasidasan from UMS paid tribute to the Anime and did that gesture during his time on stage, after receiving his academic certificate in Bachelor of Science with Honours (Chemical Industry). Legend says he never stops saluting! 

6) The Finger Heart-Throb

Nurimanudin Ishmuddin from UiTM showcased his A+ acting skills within just 3 seconds, when he pretended to look for something missing around his robe, and quickly threw finger hearts to the camera (the K-Drama-lead-posing-at-the-presscon way). He deserves all the praise for that ultra smooth transition! 


With all these cool poses happening on stage, the student representative from UMS, Kristy Sam took a different spin with her ending speech where she belts out a melodious tune of Memori Tercipta by Shila Amzah in contrast to the customary poem recital. Her beautiful voice managed to touch all the hearts in the entire hall during USM’s 42nd convocation this year. Watch the video here.

Celebrating these moments with a twist can certainly be an interesting story to tell anyone in the future, and leave you feeling satisfied that you ended your academic journey with a bang! 

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