Full Time Study vs Part Time Study, Which is Better?

Published by Afterschool.my on Oct 07, 2021, 04:27 pm

When you are making a decision to further studies at a university or college, every decision will have its pros and cons. But the hardest decision that a student can make is to decide between studying full time or part time. Whether you are studying full time or part time, you need to make this decision based on your best interest as a student. In this article, we will compare the two in terms of finance, time, and experience.


If you study part time, you will have plenty of time to work while studying. Therefore, you do not have to worry about financial problems or apply for education loans to continue your studies. In addition to easing the financial burden of your family, you can also avoid debts after graduation. 

This is a different case for those who study full time. They have to rely entirely on a loan or family allowance whereby the amount might not even be enough to cover the expenses. You  need to remember that furthering your higher education studies can be very expensive. Graduates will have to start making loan repayments even if they have not yet obtained a job. In conclusion, working while studying can provide financial freedom and avoid debt compared to those who study full time.


The second factor to consider is time.Full -time study allows students to have more time to focus on the tasks and tests given by the lecturer. In most cases, full -time students are able to obtain better results than students who are working students since they are able to spend their time studying without any other distractions.

On the other hand, students who work while studying may not have enough time to focus on their studies and give it their all compared to those who study full-time. In conclusion, students need to consider the time factor before they decide to study full -time or work while studying.


The third factor to consider is experience. Experience is invaluable. At university, you can gain experience by joining clubs and organizations. You can also participate in various activities and workshops. In addition, your course will also allow you to gain exposure through projects, such as employer projects, and internships, where you get to work with employers to help them solve their problems.

If you work while studying, you can gain experiences that you will not be attaining in class. You get to meet people from different industries, gain more exposure to the real world, and even deal with different situations. However, it is up to you whether to gain experience through studies or part-time employment as the two provide different experiences and networking opportunities. 

Overall, a comparison between studying full-time and working while studying in terms can be seen clearly in all of the three factors described above. You have to acknowledge the fact that it is often more difficult to get experience without a good education. We have also written another article that will serve as a guide for you: List of Private Universities Offering Part Time Study Programmes

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