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Published by Afterschool.my on May 21, 2021, 12:49 pm

In the midst of this pandemic, parents are forced to fork out a huge amount of tuition fee for their children to pursue higher education despite the economic recession in Malaysia. Most classes have been switched to online learning, and it has become questionable whether or not it's fair for students to be paying while not being able to utilize the facilities in the university. To make matters worse, most students are still paying for their on-campus room rental on a monthly basis even though they are not allowed to return to the campus due to the rising cases.

To look at things from students' perspective, they are equally distressed and upset over the fact that they are forced to pay for all the facilities although it was not what they signed up for.

At this point in time, there are not many scholarships being offered by universities in Malaysia due to a lack of funding. While we are waiting for nothing but good news, here is one. INTI University offers a scholarship like no other. You stand a chance at securing a 100% scholarship on your Foundation when you progress into any Bachelor’s Degree, 100% scholarship on your Diploma when you progress into any Bachelor’s Degree, 100% scholarship on your Master’s when you pursue any Bachelor’s Degree and 100% scholarship on any PhD programme when you pursue your Masters at INTI University.

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Having said that, numerous full and partial scholarships are being offered by INTI University, namely INTI Merit Scholarship, INTI Sports Excellence Scholarship, INTI Tertiary Scholarship, etc. This is to ensure that all deserving students are given the opportunity to pursue their higher education despite difficult predicaments. There are over 100 programmes you can choose from which will lead you to exciting careers. Ranging from courses that INTI are popular for such as Computer Science, IT and business to other courses such as Medicine, Engineering and Creative Arts, you will find it all at INTI University. Most importantly, the programmes are all recognised and accredited by MOHE, thus resulting in an increased chance of getting employed instantly by world class companies upon completion of your studies.

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INTI International University& Colleges are private campuses located across several states in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Subang, Penang, Nilai and Sabah.  It is renowned for having solid partnerships with global universities in the UK, US and even Australia making it the top choice among students who want to get into transfer programmes and study abroad.

For more info on programmes offered, click here. For more info on INTI University’s scholarships, click here.

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