Full Info About UPU Online & What You Should Do If You Fail in the Application

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The Student Admission Management Division (BPKP) was known as the University Central Unit (UPU) from 1972 to 10 October 1995. From 10 October 1995 to 31 December 2004, UPU was upgraded and known as the IPT Student Admission Management Division (BPKP IPT), Department of Higher Education. From 01 January 2005, this division was rebranded and known as the Student Admission Management Division (BPKP).

The Student Admission Management Division (BPKP), Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia is responsible for managing and coordinating the admission of students to Public Higher Education Institutions (Public Universities, Polytechnics, Community Colleges, and Public Skills Training Institutes). This change is in line with the restructuring of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Higher Education on 01 January 2005. In 2019, BPKP was once again rebranded as the IPTA Student Admission Division.

Through the article, we share with you all information about UPU including important news, application tips, application guide, appeal application, and other alternatives you can consider if you failed in your UPU Online application.

Important News, Tips and UPU ONLINE Application Guide for SPM Equivalent Graduates/ STPM Equivalent Graduates 

Click to check for the latest news and tips along with the UPU Online application guide for SPM Equivalent graduates and STPM Equivalent graduates

Tips for Sorting Study Program Options to Increase Chances of Succeeding in UPU Application

Successful Application for SPM/Equivalent Graduates and STPM/Equivalent Graduates

To those of you who are successful in the application but got offered a study program or university that is not of your choice, you can read these articles as we guide you based on your best interest.

Should You Accept UPU Appeal Offer in a Course You Are Not Interested?

Things You Must Check Before Accepting the UPU Online Appeal Offer

Cause of Failure in UPU Online Application for SPM Equivalent Graduates and STPM/Equivalent Graduates

6 reasons why your UPU application failed

4 Reasons Why You Failed Your UPU Rayuan & How to Apply for Phase 2

Meritocracy Method Determines the Fate of UPU Applicants!

Guide to submit UPU ONLINE APPEAL application for SPM & STPM Equivalent Graduates

Steps to Make a UPU Appeal

UPU Online Appeal Application FAQ

UPU Online appeal application failed, what is the next direction for SPM Equivalent graduates/ STPM equivalent graduates?

Failed Your UPU Application, What You Should Do?

Failed UPU Application Including UPU Appeal? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Still Further Your Higher Education

List of Universities You Can Apply to Without UPU

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