Follow Warwick Business School Alumni, Hariz Nasir, on His Educational Journey Abroad in the UK

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Many of you may be wondering if studying abroad is the right choice for you. Apart from stepping onto foreign soil and the thrills that come with it, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The benefits gained as an international student is endless, both in the personal and professional aspect. Follow Hariz Nasir on his journey to the United Kingdom (UK) and his exhilarating experience as a student at the Warwick Business School.

Hariz initially set his sights on pursuing tertiary education at the Warwick Business School for its reputation for quality education and research in management and business. “I had a passion for financial affairs and investment which is why I decided to major in Accounting and Finance. Aside from Warwick’s world-leading recognized courses, the factor that sealed the deal for me was the top-notch facilities and campus that the university offered,” says Hariz. 

A Home Away from Home

Adapting to a brand-new life in a different country requires stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things. According to Hariz, the Warwick Business School ensured all international students were well accommodated. “The adapting process did not take long for me, and I felt right at home, thanks to the university’s Students’ Union,” expresses Hariz. The Warwick Business School understands the challenges faced by international students and with that, both the Students’ Union as well as the university itself catered to students from all walks of life.

“As a Muslim, I was very pleased to find halal food and beverages in the university as well as a multi-faith chaplaincy where Muslim students can conduct their Friday prayers,” he says, emphasizing how the University helped him get strapped in for a ride filled with everlasting memories. “From getting the chance to experience all four seasons to the gastronomic adventures, Warwick has helped me get through that first step of settling down in a foreign land and stepping out of my comfort zone that led me down a road of new experiences,” adds Hariz.

A Facilitator to Professional Aspirations

Warwick Business School is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. The curriculum incorporates a sense of globalization in which every student is taught the importance of working together and mastering the art of compromise and acceptance. “The course I enrolled for entails much-needed exposure into the world of finance and accountancy across the globe, enabling us with further comprehension and proficiency in the respective fields,” explains Hariz.

Warwick Business School provides students with career guidance as well, prepping them for the real world when it’s time for them to graduate. WBS’ CareersPlus Team aids students with career-related tasks such as resume screening, cover letter guidelines and even preparing students for case interviews.

“Warwick equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to propel myself towards my desired career. The assistance I received from the career support office prepared me with the confidence and the competency I need as a portfolio manager at Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). It provided me with a forte that made me stand out from the competition,” says Hariz.

Challenges That Shape Individuals

Some may deem studying abroad to be a challenge because of the unfamiliarity but it shapes an individual in unimaginable ways. Faced with a syllabus and examinations that he was unaccustomed to, Hariz rose to the challenge, which molded him to be at the top of his game. “The experience I gained at the university not only gave me the insight I needed to achieve my career aspirations, but it also made me grow as a globalized individual. In my time at Warwick Business School, my lecturers were extremely supportive and prioritized student engagement throughout lectures which made lessons insightful and gripping,” he explains.

Another challenge that comes with living abroad is adjusting to the cost of living. Many students find themselves burning a rather large hole in their pockets the minute they step foot in a new country, and Hariz is no stranger to the temptations. “I found myself getting enticed by the abundance of items that were on sale. I figured that the key to proper budgeting is to plan before going on a shopping spree. This little trick helped me adjust to daily living in the UK a lot easier. I also got a trusty bike to save some moolah on transportation costs,” he shares. Learning to adapt to an unfamiliar place or situation that may seem otherworldly in the beginning bestows students with life lessons that allow them to flourish both as individuals and working professionals.

A Word of Advice

When asked to share a few parting words of advice to students intending to pursue their tertiary education abroad, Hariz advises, “To my fellow Malaysians who are looking to study abroad, it will be an eye-opening journey that comes with a discovery of a whole new outlook on life. Embrace the learning experience that will guide your career goals and aspirations. A piece of advice that I took with me on my educational journey in the UK is to first explore your options, whether it’s the university or the country you wish to pursue your tertiary education in, and then to select the option that is in line with your ambitions. I am honored to be an alumnus of Warwick Business School, and my journey at the university served a significant role in my education as well as where I am in my career today.”

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