Failed Your UPU Application, What You Should Do?

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Previously we have shared important UPU dates, selection criteria, how to appeal, reasons for failing in the application and so on but what if you still fail in the UPU application for SPM/Equivalent or STPM/Equivalent (appeal phase 1 and phase 2) despite appeals? What are the preparation steps that can be done to ensure that you can still further your studies? In order to help and guide you with the next right step,  here we will share some tips & steps that you can do.

Failed UPU Application

1. Step One

Just make an appeal. Do not give up. If you are given opportunity to submit an appeal, proceed with the appeal before you decide to further your studies in a private university.  In the past, there are many instances where applicants were finally offered despite getting poor results. Click on the following link for the application step: UPU Phase 1 & 2 Appeal Application Step for STPM/Equivalent.

2. Step Two

In the appeal application, you are allowed to choose 4 courses (SPM/Equivalent) and 4 courses (STPM/Equivalent) in the list provided according to your respective qualifications. So, our advice is that you should select courses that are rarely applied & are skill-based.

Private universities (IPTS) generally offer courses related to skills as the current industry is in dire need of skilled graduates such Graphic Design, Programming, Arts & accounting courses, BUT unfortunately, not many Malaysian students are interested in furthering their studies in these fields. So, choose a course of study that meets the needs of the current industry as well as promising employment opportunities after graduation.

While in public universities (IPTA), there are many unpopular courses offered for the purpose of instilling awareness and preserving country heritage such as Heritage Conservation, Heritage Literature, Performing Arts, Cultural Heritage courses. In addition, there are limited teaching staffs who are specialized in this field. Hence if you have your heart set on becoming a lecturer in a public university (IPTA), you can opt to further your studies in these fields and continue with a master’s degree upon completion of bachelor’s degree. This is an easy path for you to become a lecturer.

3. Step Three

While waiting for the decision of the UPU appeal, make sure that you do plenty of research on private universities (IPTS). Find out which one of them offers your desired course. Don't worry, most of the courses offered in private universities (IPTS) are often popular and are highly in demand by prospective employers. To browse through a complete list of courses offered by top Universities & Colleges in Malaysia, click here

In order to check details of the courses, simply visit the official website of the  Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Click the following link https://www2.mqa.gov.my/mqr/ to search and you can check the search example in the picture below. Just type "medicine" and select the type of qualification for example. Then click search. Once the list of courses is displayed, click on "show" to check more about the course.

Searching Course

University Course Searching

List the private universities (IPTS) that are offering your  desired course, then visit the official website of the private university (IPTS) to check the eligibility requirements, tuition fees,  intakes, duration, fee and so forth.

If you want an Afterschool counsellor to help suggest which private university (IPTS) is best suited for the course of study you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us directly by CLICKING HERE. You can choose to contact via email or WhatApp. The counsellor will respond within 48 hours. This counseling is FREE, so please be patient while waiting for the counsellor to get back to you.

4. Step Four

Before you choose a private university (IPTS), choose one that offers education funds or scholarships to students, even it means a discount in tuition fee or partial scholarship. Private universities under Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) include KUPTM, KPTM, UNIKL. These universities provide MARA Loan with 0% interest contrary to PTPTN.  If you are interested in pursuing skill courses , you can take a skills diploma for example at JMTI, GMI, ADTEC where all the courses are skill-based. For tips on choosing the right private university (IPTS) you can click the following link: Important Tips You Should Know Before Selecting a Private University to Further Your Studies

5. Step Five

If you have already selected a course & a private university (IPTS), do not register  before you check the qualification of the course under the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). For skills -based courses, you can check at the Department of Skills Development (JPK). Also, make sure that the course you have selected is accredited by MQA. For step-by-step guide on how to check if your desired course is accredited by MQA, click here

Once you have gone through the list thoroughly, you can consider applying if it is listed in the MQA. However, if applying now requires you to pay an advance fee (processing fee), you can wait for the UPU appeal results to be announced first.

6. Step Six

If you are successfully offered a place after the outcome of the appeal is announced, we advise you to reconsider whether to accept or reject the offer. You need to make wise decisions including taking into account future career potential. For those who have dreams of furthering their studies up to master and PhD level, do not worry even if you obtain a bachelors degree from private university (IPTS). You are still eligible to continue your master and PhD level at a public university (IPTA) if you want to work in any public sector.

If you are interested in applying to a private university but unsure of which private university is best suited for the course you want to pursue, you can browse through a list of top private universities in Malaysia by CLICKING HERE. Some of the best private institutions offering students with top notch educational programmes from a spectrum of fields include MMU, Medic ED, ADMAL, TAR UC, INTEC, KYUEM, MSU, Imperium International College, Limkokwing and IUKL.

You can also schedule a personalized 20 minutes FREE counselling with our expert counsellors by CLICKING HERE. Finally, we hope that this article will to some extent help you in making the right decision for your future. Do your best and we wish you good luck! You are also advised to read the related articles below as a guide

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