Failed UPU Application Including UPU Appeal? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Still Further Your Higher Education

Published by Afterschool.my on Aug 23, 2021, 12:55 pm

What is the next step to do if your UPU appeal application is rejected? What options do you have left? Will you give up on your dreams or will you find other ways to make them a reality?

For most students, failing in UPU means all doors are shut. They believe that pursuing education despite the rejection is a waste of time and money. This is far from the truth which is why we have decided to come with this article in order to share with you the different pathways you can opt for.

Students who have been denied admission to public universities typically believe that working is a better alternative since they can earn money. Is it, however, worth taking such large risks when you know that a degree can help you get greater career opportunities?

Why do you give up when you know that failing once doesn't mean you will fail forever? In this article we share with you 5 different options or pathways you can consider if you have failed in the UPU online application.

Appeal for Public University Second Intake

Many of you are unaware that various public universities provide a second intake every year, with the most popular being UITM second intake and UPSI second intake. 

Keep in mind that the second intake is not an appeal or the same application as UPU online; instead, it is handled entirely by the public universities themselves. Students can check for available courses and apply directly through the university's official website given that they fulfill the entry requirements set.

Pengambilan Kedua SESI AKADEMIK 2020/2021

Last year, for example, some public universities decided to offer seats for second intake, with applications for SPM/Equivalent graduates opening in August to September for November-December intake and STPM/Equivalent applications opening in November- December and the intake taking place in January-February.

However, it is worth mentioning, though, that not all public universities offer second-year admissions. Even if there are second intakes, not all programmes will be available. It depends on the university as they often offer courses that are rarely applied for by students and most of the courses will have limited future job prospects. Furthermore, students who enrol in the second intake will be one semester behind those who applied through UPU online for the first intake. If you are confused between these two options; public university second intake and private university, read our article to find out what will be best for you. 

Apply to a Private University Which Offers a Course That Interests You and Has Job Prospects

The next alternative is to submit an application to a private university. It is vital for you to select a course based on your interests and strength in order to stay motivated. Most students who are enrolled in courses that are not of their interest will usually end up dropping out of university. It is hard to stay motivated, let alone perform in your exams when you are studying subjects that you dislike. So, should you even accept a UPU appeal offer in a course you are not interested in? 

Also, another aspect to take into consideration is job prospects. Make sure you research for courses that have job prospects and can lead you to employment after graduation. If you are going to be accepting UPU appeal offers in courses that students rarely apply for, you are most likely to stay unemployed since there is no demand for the particular field. 

We know that most people are still doubtful about the quality of education at private universities. There is a widely held belief that private institutions are of inferior quality than public universities. All of this is a fallacy, as empirical evidence reveals that graduates of private universities find it easier securing jobs, compared to graduates of public universities. Read the article to find out everything there is to know about the quality of private university education. 

Aside from that reason, private universities are also known to come with a hefty price tag. While it may not be cheap to study at a private university, there are plenty of scholarships and financial assistance available. If you meet the eligibility requirements set, you will not only be able to secure external scholarships, but you can also apply for internal scholarships and discounts offered by the private university themselves. 

The final reason why many are skeptical about private universities is because there have been cases in the past where students complete their studies only to find out that their courses are not accredited or recognized by the Malaysian government, much less in other countries. If you are worried about choosing the wrong private university, read our tips on selecting the right private universities in Malaysia. We have put together a checklist for you. 

Looking to get yourself enrolled in a private universities in Malaysia offering students with programmes from a spectrum of field, check out MMUMedic EDADMALTAR UCINTECKYUEMMSUImperium International CollegeLimkokwing and IUKL. You can also find our comprehensive list of top private institutionsin Malaysia along with the study programs offered, tuition fees and study period. 

Work While Studying In Part-Time Mode (Part-Time) or Online Fully

In addition to applying for public university second intake and private universities, you can also opt to work while studying part-time. In fact, there are many students who prefer to work while studying part-time to ease their financial obligations and cover their tuition fees especially during these trying times caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The majority of part-time courses do not have the same stringent criteria and high requirements like full-time courses. There are even universities that provide a flexible online learning environment without requiring students to attend actual classes.

There are numerous public universities and private universities offering part-time and fully online modes of study. One of the leading universities offering part-time courses is the Open University Malaysia (OUM). To check the full list of universities that offer part-time study courses, you can check through the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) portal.

Lastly, never give up on pursuing your dream, especially if you have failed to obtain an offer to study at a public university. Choose to study in a course of your interest at a private university as this will take you a long way and ensure continuous success for you. 

Want further advice? You can schedule a personalized 20 minutes FREE counselling with Afterschool Expert Counsellors. Our counsellors will help you make the right choice according to your financial ability, interests and job prospects. 

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