Exploring MMU’s Exceptional Campus: Where you Learn, Grow and Thrive

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Experience outstanding facilities for a holistic campus experience.

As a student, you’ll want a campus environment that fuels your academic ambitions and sparks personal growth. At Multimedia University (MMU), cutting-edge learning meets unforgettable campus life!

MMU has not just one, but two vibrant campuses, nestled in Cyberjaya and Melaka - each a dynamic academic hub, offering exceptional facilities and amenities that guarantee an unparalleled university experience. 

First-rate Learning Facilities

MMU’s sophisticated lecture halls are outfitted with the latest technology. These top-notch  amenities facilitate the blend of classroom instructions with interactive media, fostering an engaging and immersive learning environment. They also support hybrid lectures, enabling students to join in wherever they can access a stable internet connection.

Comprehensive lecture facilities to ensure every lesson is enriching and interactive.

At the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) Set & Background Studio in MMU’s Cyberjaya campus, students can unleash their creativity and bring their cinematic visions to life in a vast green screen hall.

More cutting-edge tools and equipment can be found at the Intelligent Learning Labs that house the SiRi Learning Lab, Innov 8’s Intelligent Learning Lab, SMART Lab, RoboSpace and eMoot Court at MMU allowing students to conduct ground-breaking research and experiments that pave the way for innovative solutions. 

Vibrant Social Spaces 

MMU also offers inviting social areas such as the outdoor Rimbun Ilmu, a breath of fresh air for students to have informal gatherings, study sessions and recharge between classes. 

When the weather gets extra hot, why not chill in the Learning Point, an air-conditioned study hall next to the library? Need a bit more privacy? You can also reserve “idea boxes” - small secluded rooms equipped with whiteboards, desks and chairs, that make them ideal for organising meetings or private study sessions.

These spaces are perfect for fostering connections and creating lasting memories. 

Diverse Dining Options

Whether you’re craving local delights or international cuisines, you’ll find a variety of nutritious choices to fuel you for the day at MMU.

At the Melaka campus, head to The Food Station for a range of delectable meals, or if you’re in the mood for something sweet, D’Light Bakery has freshly baked pastries.

For the Cyberjaya campus, make sure to try Starbees, where you can indulge in a mouth-watering variety of food options, ranging from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Western and Middle Eastern cuisines. For those with a sweet tooth, MMU's bakery offers pastries, coffee and an array of sweet bakes and savoury bites to munch on - there’s always room for dessert!

Additionally, don’t miss out on the Deen Cafe and Haji Tapah Cafe for some delicious mamak-style food and other local favourites.

At MMU, every meal is an opportunity to explore and enjoy diverse culinary delights.

Exciting Events, Festivals and Surroundings

There’s always something exciting happening on campus, so you’ll never get bored. Look forward to various activities every week including campus festivals, career fairs, movie nights, concerts and more!

MMU’s convenient location in Cyberjaya means you have easy access to many exciting activities and destinations. You can go shopping at Tamarind Square or DPulze, or go for a relaxing evening jog at the Cyberjaya Lake. 

The campus is also well-connected to major transportation routes, including 2 MRT lines and the MEX Highway, putting you just 20 minutes away from the KL city centre!

Top-notch Sports Amenities

MMU believes in nurturing not only the mind but also the body. Students can dive into exciting games of netball, basketball or badminton at the MMU Cyberjaya campus Indoor Sports Complex. If you’re on the Melaka campus, grab your racquet and head on to the open tennis court for a fun game of tennis under the sun.

The sports fields at MMU are always bustling with activity, hosting exciting games of football, rugby or archery. 

Whether you’re in an organised sports team or just looking for some casual fun, these fields provide a safe and enjoyable athletic experience for all.

The Olympic-sized campus swimming pool is the perfect place to unwind and make a splash, offering the perfect venue for swimming lessons and recreational swimming.

Clubs and Societies

At MMU, there’s more to campus life than just academics. Students are highly encouraged to join a variety of clubs and societies so that they can foster a vibrant community to explore passions, develop new skills and make lifelong friendships. 

From cultural and academic clubs to sports teams, there’s something for everyone! There’s never a dull moment on campus, as clubs and societies are always busy organising events for everyone to enjoy.

Experience a well-rounded campus life and embark on a journey of learning, growth and endless opportunities at MMU today!

Find out more about MMU’s InfoDay on the 22-23 June for both campuses here.

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