Everything you thought you knew about Psychology is wrong

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My parents have always persuaded me to take up engineering, medicine or any of those highfalutin titles.

But Psychology has always fascinated me since it's about answering life's many mysteries. I'm perpetually indecisive about things but I couldn't imagine choosing a course I would end up regretting in the end.

I know parents can get a bit apprehensive when they hear their children choose psychology as a major - this stems from the assumption that their children will not find a job after graduation. If you're one of those kids having a tough time to persuade parents to get you into psychology, allow me to help you by dispelling the myths through facts.

1. Psychology is an easy major


Like any major, Psychology can be easy for some and incomprehensible to others. Serious students in psychology affirm that the discipline is rigorous and challenging and it's not just about helping people by doling out advice. The coursework is very heavy on science, data analysis through statistics, reading academic journal articles, and writing up research reports.

Case at point: a student with good interpersonal relations may find it easy to conduct clinically-oriented courses. Likewise, students who are gifted in mathematics will find engineering and other related majors easy.

In conclusion, a course becomes easier when it is closely aligned with your intrinsic interests and abilities.

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2. Psychology is a dead-end major


Unemployment is a national problem and affects people from all different majors. Psychology majors can find employment in various fields including healthcare, academia, human resources management, media and communications, sales and marketing, management and consultancy, customer service, and many more.

The study of psychology, in fact, helps students for entry-level positions in the workforce. The major hones 21st century skills such as critical thinking, leadership and team work skills, management and many more.

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3. You can avoid maths and science subjects in Psychology


Although some aspects of psychology have artistic elements, the course is related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) disciplines because psychology uses scientific practices and biological foundations.

Psychology is so robust that major funding opportunities are given to psychologists who can engage in multi-disciplinary research collaborations.

There has been a common notion that BA (Bachelor of Arts)  in Psychology is easier BS (Bachelor of Science) in psychology, and that BA is more inclined on humanities and social science whereas BS has more emphasis on natural science. This conclusion is invalid since some institutions require additional science and maths in their BA in psychology programmes.

Such example is the Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at Help University which includes one basic and two advanced quantitative methods in the first and second year of the programme. Moreover, psychology majors have the option to minor from the following: accounting, database systems, finance, entrepreneurship, business management and many more.

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4. You can't get a psychology-related job with a bachelor's degree


A college graduate can't get a job with a 'psychologist' title right away but they can secure work experience while being an undergraduate major in psychology. There are learning institutions that enable students to get as much exposure while doing their undergraduate studies.

There are a number of psychology research colloquiums happening at Help University. These research projects are very collaborative and enable students to present their ideas. Among them include the Parents and Children in Families and in Cultures (P.A.C.I.F.I.C), Cross-Cultural perceptions of Interpersonal Support, Body Image Issues in Malaysian adolescents and Young adults. Furthermore, students are encourage to take participate in UNICEF Projects. Help's Department of Psychology  will help link students with internship sites in their area of interest.

5. Psychology is all about applied common sense and helping people out


Psychology is often seen as a helping profession - giving counsel or facilitating therapy. There are many psychologists who work outside this sphere - some work as research analyst for universities, consultancy firms, governments and businesses - and most of these jobs have more to do with generating income and expanding business.

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