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Published by on Jun 29, 2011, 03:59 pm

  • EduCity at Nusajaya, Iskandar Malaysia is by far the most impressive education hub created in Malaysia. The idea is really cool, a hub that attracts good international university to setup campus that can target students from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

Pic: EduCity entrance

  • EduCity's proximity to Singapore can also attract students from other countries like Western European nations as Singapore's Changi airport provides good connectivity.   

Pic: Nusajaya in Iskandar Malaysia

  • What's really cool about EduCity is the multi faculty university concept where each university operates only one faculty. For example; Newcastle University of UK runs a medical school called Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT), an affiliate of a top Dutch maritime institute will operate a maritime institute while University of Southampton, UK will run an engineering university.
  • All of them will share the common facility like hostel and stadium. The idea allows EduCity to attract universities that are good in certain area of studies to setup campus here.
  • We recently visited the fully completed NUMed campus and met up with the Vice Chancelor, Prof Reg Jordan. The campus looks very good and its preparing to welcome its first batch of students. NUMed has recruited 2 batches of students who started studying in its UK campus. This September NUMed will recruit its first batch of students who will complete their entire degree locally.
  • Khazanah which is government investment arm is local partner to NUMed and it has invested RM300 million to setup NUMed campus. (Khazanah is the major shareholder, it owns 60% while EPF and Kumpulan Prasana Rakyat Johor own 20% each). In a way, NUMed campus is a showcase for EduCity to attract new players and we must say they have done an excellent job.

Pic: NUMed's fully completed campus

  • According EduCity CEO, Khairil Anwar, NMIT campus (costing RM 30 miilon), a 12 story apartment block of student hostel building and a sports complex will be completed by end of this year.


Pic: Hostel building under construction

Pic: Hoarding board for 12 story student hostel building

  • NMIT has already started with its first batch of students this year (it was reported in the news last year that they are targeting 150 students) and it's operating from its temporary campus in Menara Kotaraya.
  • Singapore based Raffles University will also be building a campus on 26 ha in EduCity. In comparison, NUMed campus is only 5.26 ha while NMIT is 2.83 ha.
  • EduCity has also signed an MoU with an American Cinematic art school to open a creative institute in partnership with a local private university. (Any guess who?) Courses offered will be cinematography courses such as film production, script writing, editing, stage design, music, special effect makeup, wardrobe and costume design. The institute will complement the RM400 million Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studio which will open in 2013. Pinewood has been involved in making movies like James Bond, Harry Porter, Batman begin, etc.

Making EduCity a Success

  • EduCity's success depends very much on its ability to attract foreign students. The competition for local students are getting stiffer with many new universities coming up in the Klang Valley and also expansion of current big players.
  • As the competition for students heats up in the Klang Valley, a few players are setting up campus in other states offering closer to home environment. UCSI has a campus in Trengganu and SEGi opened a new campus in Perak. More institutions are expected to do the same soon.
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